WONDERBOOM 3: Starting Parties and Reducing Waste

WONDERBOOM 3: Starting Parties and Reducing Waste

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You might already know WONDERBOOM 3 is perfect for outdoor adventures. Here’s why it’s also our most eco-friendly Bluetooth speaker to date.

Leaving No Trace

We recently released the WONDERBOOM 3, the latest iteration of our popular tiny Bluetooth speaker with a massive sound. With upgrades like extended battery life and increased wireless range at the same affordable price as its predecessors, WONDERBOOM 3 is the perfect choice for backyard parties and more.

A big part of enjoying the outdoors responsibly is to “leave no trace.” In other words, you should make sure that any campsite, beach or park you visit looks exactly the same—or better—when you leave. Since WONDERBOOM 3 is a staple of camping trips and beach bonfires, we wanted to extend that idea of environmental responsibility and make sure that every WONDERBOOM 3 we produce leaves as little environmental impact as possible.

That’s why we worked to ensure that WONDERBOOM 3 is one of our most sustainably made products to date. Instead of relying completely on brand new (aka virgin) plastics, each WONDERBOOM 3 at least 31% post-consumer recycled plastic. That’s a big deal. By upcycling plastic from water bottles and more, we can reduce our carbon footprint and keep plastic out of landfills. Plus, every speaker is packaged with Forest Stewardship Council-Certified materials (registration code 7719) for extra eco-friendliness!

FSC and Recycled Content Certified

The Problem: PET

To understand how and why WONDERBOOM 3 channels sustainable practices, we need to talk about plastics.

Most people already know that plastic is bad for the environment, but plastic is found in just about everything we use on a daily basis.

One of the most-used types of plastic is polyethylene terephthalate, also known as PET. This resin-based polyester is incredibly versatile, durable and inexpensive to produce, but PET uses significant energy to produce since it requires both crude oil and natural gas. Those energy sources respectively release carbon dioxide and methane into the air when processed, which are two of the main greenhouse gasses contributing to climate change.

Unfortunately, the environmental problems caused by PET don’t end at the factory. Unlike natural materials, plastics take anywhere between 20 to 500 years to decompose. As a result, the billions of PET-based items that end up in landfills and oceans every year will break down into microplastics and toxins for centuries, negatively impacting ecosystems all over the world in the process.


The Solution: rPET

Recycled PET, or rPET for short, does everything its unrecycled counterpart can do. rPET is made from existing and discarded PET to create new products.

One of the most immediate benefits is the huge reduction in energy resources needed For example, producing a water bottle with 100% rPET uses roughly a quarter of the energy required to make the same bottle with virgin PET. The recycling process also leaves a significantly smaller footprint than making PET from scratch, with around a 65% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, since PET is such a durable material, you can continue reusing rPET forever with no loss of quality.

To sum it all up: for consumers, rPET is a lightweight and long-lasting plastic that’s identical to virgin plastic. For manufacturers, rPET presents an environmentally friendly way to make the exact same products they were making before while keeping plastic out of our landfills––a win-win situation all around.

Bringing the Beat with rPET

So now you understand why it’s such a big deal that each WONDERBOOM 3 uses at least 31% post-consumer recycled plastic—it uses less energy, has a smaller footprint and keeps plastics out of landfills and our waterways.

But we know you’re not going to buy a speaker just because it uses rPET and sustainable packaging. It has to be the full package.

What good is an outdoor speaker if it can’t survive getting a little dirty or getting bumped into the pool? WONDERBOOM 3 has an IP67 rating, meaning it can handle dirt, dust and being submerged in a pool of water for 30 minutes. It can even withstand being dropped at least five feet. So go ahead, take it to the beach and don’t panic if high tide creeps up on you.

Let’s talk about the most important part of any Bluetooth speaker: the sound. WONDERBOOM 3 delivers 360 degrees of unbeatable audio wherever you take it. It provides big, bassy sound with a standard and Outdoor Boost option, which is specifically tuned to sound great outside. You can even pair two WONDERBOOM 3 Bluetooth speakers for true wireless stereo sound that lasts 14 hours.

Oh, and did we mention that the wireless range is 131 feet? No more interrupted tunes when the person picking the music needs to wander away from the backyard BBQ.

WONDERBOOM 3—which is now available in four eye-catching colors for just $99.99—is just the latest development in Logitech’s commitment to sustainable practices and giving electronics a second life. Check out Logitech’s sustainability page for more info on next life plastics, our full FY22 impact report and how you can live more sustainably.

Big, bassy stereo sound– all from one little speaker.

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