Why We Made UE DROPS Custom Earbuds

Why We Made UE DROPS Custom Earbuds

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Meet UE DROPS, the world’s first truly bespoke, custom handcrafted true wireless earbuds. Learn about their sound, fit, functionality and more.

Ultimate Ears has been at the forefront of custom audio solutions for musicians and music lovers alike since 1995. We pioneered custom-fit in-ear monitors with stellar sound signatures that the pros use around the world, including on the world’s biggest stages.

In 2020, we revolutionized the world of earbuds when we released UE FITS, the first earbuds that shape to your unique earprint in less than 60 seconds. We’re disrupting the true wireless earbuds space again with UE DROPS, custom true wireless earbuds that are handcrafted for your ears only.

But with the popularity of UE FITS earbuds—which have sold out dozens of times—why would we build a completely new product? Keep reading to learn more about UE DROPS and why we developed them.

UE FITS meets UE Customs

Our UE DROPS custom earbuds bridge the gap between UE FITS and our UE Custom in-ear monitors. They provide the true wireless freedom, customizable tap controls and incredible battery life of UE FITS plus the handcrafted custom fit and professional-quality audio of UE Customs.

While UE FITS earbuds sound fantastic, our in-ear monitors offer an unbeatable sound that professional musicians and sound engineers trust. UE DROPS is based on our immensely popular and perfectly balanced UE 5 sound signature. Unlike UE Customs, which uses dual balanced armatures, we were able to achieve this sound with a dynamic driver like the one found in UE FITS.

The first of its kind

There are similarities between UE DROPS, UE FITS and Customs, but UE DROPS is its own, completely unique product. UE DROPS is the world’s first truly bespoke, custom-made earbuds, handcrafted to your unique earprint. They’re true wireless, waterproof and have a transparency feature for safety, making them ideal for on-the-go listening and for fitness buffs.

Ditch the cables completely. Our new UE DROPS earbuds are also compatible with Qi-standard wireless charging. DROPS also boast other premium features like in-ear detection to identify when you’re wearing them. This means you’ll be able to play/pause your music and more just by taking an earbud out or putting it back in.

But that’s not all in terms of our improved controls. UE DROPS has improved controls on the earbuds themselves. Each bud has a button underneath the faceplate that you can feel as you’re pressing it. No more trying to find that “sweet spot” for your tap controls when you want to answer a call or skip to the next song. DROPS also has a two-tap control for its transparency feature—more on that later.

UE DROPS are also environmentally-friendly. If something happens to your UE DROPS, you can send them in for repair instead of tossing them out. Plus, DROPS are officially carbon-neutral via offsets and contain no recognized toxic material. Our batteries are even accessible for appropriate recycling.


A custom fit matters

One-size-fits-all rarely holds up to its promise. Your ears are as unique as your fingerprint—they come in all different shapes and sizes. That’s why poorly-fitting earbuds can cause discomfort and a subpar listening experience.

Ultimate Ears focuses on bespoke audio solutions. When something is made for you, it’s going to create an optimal experience. With UE FITS, we opened a door for custom-fitting earbuds that didn’t previously exist. But while UE FITS is akin to custom-tailoring your clothes, UE DROPS is like having a suit or dress custom-made specifically for you.

The first thing you notice about custom earbuds like UE DROPS is that they’re outrageously comfortable. Since they’re handcrafted for your ears, there aren’t any pressure points. That means you can wear them all day without fatigue.

A customized fit also has several important audio benefits. The perfect seal of custom earbuds prevents sound—especially bass frequencies—from escaping your ears. Plus, the added surface contact between your ears and the earbuds means you can really feel the bass like never before.

Another benefit of custom earbuds is that they keep ambient noise out of your ears via passive noise cancellation (PNC). PNC enables you to listen at lower, safer volume levels without worrying about the outside world interrupting your tunes. If you need to hear a bit of your environment, you can enable our surround sense transparency feature. This feeds some of the sound around you back into your ears via an external microphone. It’s perfect for listening for cars and barking dogs while walking or running on a busy street or if you need to hear an announcement on an airplane.

Elegant design

We express ourselves through our music—you should be able to do the same with your earbuds.

UE DROPS earbuds are inspired by our favorite jewelry artisans. The sleek, minimalistic design looks more like sophisticated earrings and less like earbuds than other true wireless options—no microphone hanging down from the earbud and no logo. Just a jewel-like casing that will leave others asking you, “What are those, and where can I get them?”

UE DROPS currently come in three gorgeous colors: Sapphire, Rose Quartz and Onyx.

Luxury audio for music lovers

Comfort and great aesthetics are important, but the heart of UE DROPS is in the sound. With decades of experience and over 100,000 in-ear monitors crafted for some of the biggest artists in the world, it’s fair to say that we know a thing or two about immersive audio experiences.

With UE DROPS, we’ve fine-tuned a high-quality 9.2mm dynamic driver to recreate one of our most popular sound signatures—UE 5. Famed for its perfect balance and incredible detail, this sound signature is ideal for all-purpose listening.

We don’t stop there, though. The UE DROPS app enables you to select different EQ presets so you can shape your sound signature to fit your personal taste. Need more bass? Prefer a hyped-up sound? Select whatever sounds best to you within the app and quickly recall up to three presets.


You deserve an earbud that can do it all—and go with anything. Many of us wear our earbuds when we’re commuting, working, tackling chores and working out.

UE DROPS are comfortable and lightweight (the earbud itself weighs an unnoticeable 7.3 grams) so you can wear them all day. So lead that conference call and be confident that you’ll sound great thanks to our dual microphones with static beamforming. Tackle that Peloton workout knowing that your earbuds are water- and sweat-proof). No matter where your day takes you, you can rely on UE DROPS.

But what’s all-day comfort and versatility without all-day battery life? UE DROPS offer eight continuous hours of listening time plus an additional 14 hours in their included charging case. That means you can go days without plugging your UE DROPS into a charger. If you do find your battery is on the low side, you can juice them up in a hurry. UE DROPS custom earbuds offer an hour of listening time from a quick five-minute charge.

Try UE DROPS risk-free

Are you ready to experience the immersive sound quality and unprecedented comfort with Ultimate Ears? Try UE DROPS today risk-free with our 30-day Custom Fit Guarantee.

Stylish earbuds, hand-shaped to your unique earprint.

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