Why All-Day Comfort Matters: UE FITS vs the Competition

Why All-Day Comfort Matters: UE FITS vs the Competition

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Uncomfortable off-the-shelf earbuds can ruin your listening experience. That’s why we designed UE FITS to provide an instant custom fit for all-day comfort.

Sometimes you don’t know true comfort until you actually experience it. You might think your mattress is plenty comfortable until you go to a nice hotel, sink into that luxurious bed and think, “Where have you been all my life?”

Earbuds are the same. For decades, people have said “That’s good enough” to hard plastic tips or multi-sized, non-custom rubber tips that get stuck in your ears when you remove your earbuds.

With UE FITS, we decided to put comfort at the forefront of our design. Just like a properly-tailored shirt, earbuds feel better when they’re customized for you. In just 60 seconds, FITS will gently form to the shape of your ears, giving you unparalleled all-day comfort.

Want to know more? Here are a few reasons why all-day comfort is so important.

No More Pressure Points

Did you know that your ears are as unique as your fingerprints? Some of us have smaller ears than others, which is why most earbud manufacturers include three different-sized rubber tips in their packaging.

That’s a start, but those tips won’t work for everyone. And, even if they’re the right size, they’re going to press against your ear unevenly. This leads to painful pressure points and listening fatigues, forcing you to take breaks to relieve the discomfort caused by the rubber squishing against your ears. It’s like a pair of pants that fit in the waist, but has legs that are too long. It might technically be the right size, but unless you get the legs hemmed, you’ll be uncomfortable all day.

Plastic tips are even worse. Even the most ergonomically designed plastic earbuds are going to apply more pressure to some parts of your ears, which is uncomfortable.

When you have customized earbuds like UE FITS, no one part of your ear is getting squished or squeezed more than any other. That means you can listen all day long without having to take breaks to relieve any built-up pressure points.

After all, we live in our earbuds. We use them to take calls during the workday, to find our motivation on evening runs via our pump-up playlists, to listen to podcasts on our commutes and catch up on the news while we’re making dinner. All-day comfort means just that—you can keep your earbuds in all day, no matter what you’re up to.

Earbuds That Stay Put

Pressure isn’t the only pain point when it comes to traditional earbuds. As anyone who’s tried to run, exercise or even move around the house in non-custom earbuds knows, they don’t like to stay put. This means you have to constantly re-adjust your earbuds or put them back in every time they start to come loose.

That’s why so many earbuds aimed toward athletes have plastic arms that wrap around the outside of your ears. This solves the problem, but it creates two new ones. Firstly, those arms aren’t exactly comfortable. In fact, they add pressure to the outside of your ears that you probably don’t want to deal with while you’re running. Secondly, they’re bulky and harder to tote around. They don’t fit in your pocket as easily as traditional earbuds.

That’s not a problem with UE FITS. Thanks to the customization of FITS, our earbuds conform to the shape of your unique ears and essentially lock into place. It’s a secure fit that will stay put whether you’re running, hiking or headbanging. With FITS, you don’t have to worry about constantly adjusting your earbuds while you’re doing your thing.

Fight Listening Fatigue

If you ever feel tired after listening to music for a few hours, you’re not alone. Especially if you’re listening on cheap earbuds in a loud environment, your ears need breaks from noise.

Let’s start with the science of frequency ranges. Cheap earbuds, like the kind you buy for $15 from the airport bookshop when you forget your headphones, usually resort to audio tricks to make your brain think you’re getting a quality audio experience. The two most common are boosting the low (bass) or middle frequencies.

Boosting the bass gives the illusion of providing a high-fidelity sound, but actually just masks audio that’s lacking in quality overall. Boosting the middle frequencies is even worse. There are reasons to boost the mids from time to time, namely when you want a specific part of the audio to stand out. That’s because our brains are most sensitive to midrange frequencies, which is where the range of the human voice is most prominent. By boosting the mids, cheap earbuds can feel louder than they are. That works for a while when you’re trying to block out airplane noise, but it will start to grate on your ears pretty quickly.

Our default tone profile is fairly flat, which we highly recommend. By listening to a flatter response curve, rather than one with boosted mids or lows, you’re hearing the music the way the artists intended. UE FITS ships with a few tone profiles to choose from within our UE FITS app, and you can further customize the EQ of your earbuds in the app. So, if you like a little added bass, a brighter sound or anything in between, you can completely customize your FITS to sound just the way you like them.

But what about off-the-shelf earbuds that actually work to provide quality audio? Well, you still might suffer from listening fatigue. Since most earbuds don’t form a custom seal the way UE FITS do, they don’t do a great job of blocking out ambient noise. As a result, you have to crank the volume or resign to not hearing your music very well.

UE FITS boasts superior passive noise isolation, which reduces the volume of traffic on your busy street, coffee shop chit-chat, growling plane engines and more. That means you don’t have to turn it up to turn it up, if you know what we mean. Listening at lower volumes is great for your hearing in the long run and can reduce listening fatigue in the short run, so you can listen all day long if you want without worrying about potentially damaging your hearing.

Are you ready to experience all-day comfort? UE FITS has a perfect fit guarantee and a 30-day no-questions-asked return policy, so try them risk-free!

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