What Makes UE DROPS the Best Sounding Wireless Earbuds?

What Makes UE DROPS the Best Sounding Wireless Earbuds?

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With dynamic 9.2mm drivers, custom in-app EQ presets and a bespoke custom handcrafted fit, UE DROPS are the best sounding true wireless earbuds available.

Why are UE DROPS the best sounding true wireless earbuds? Because we’re obsessed with premium sound quality and designed them that way. That’s why.

Ultimate Ears was founded in the back of a Van Halen tour bus to help musicians hear themselves better during concerts—that’s what our in-ear monitors are all about. UE DROPS combine decades of experience designing handcrafted professional audio equipment with timeless, forward-thinking fashion inspiration to bring your music to life.

Dynamic 9.2mm Drivers

UE DROPS are engineered around a powerful and dynamic 9.2mm driver carefully tuned to provide a deep bass response, balanced midrange and a clear top end. Bring your favorite songs, videos and podcasts to life in stunning, immersive detail like you’ve never heard from a pair of true wireless earbuds.

Besides providing premium audio quality, these robust dynamic drivers offer improved shock- and humidity-resistance versus designs centered around multiple balanced armatures. UE DROPS are IP57 dust, water and sweat resistant so you can wear them with any outfit and for any occasion. But it’s not about us, really. UE DROPS are about you, and that’s where the app comes in handy.


Customize Your Sound with EQ Presets

Gearheads understand the pleasure of tweaking settings until everything sounds just right. But you don’t have to be tech-inclined to dial in UE DROPS’ sound quality to your liking.

Within the UE DROPS app for iOS and Android, four EQ presets help you tailor the sound quality until it fits your favorite content like, well…your UE DROPS. Select between Balanced, Bass Boost, Loudness and Podcast modes to automatically adjust the built-in EQ so you can enjoy your favorite songs, shows and videos as they were meant to be heard.

A Custom Fit Simply Sounds Better

UE DROPS are molded to fit the unique shape of your ears for a comfortable fit you’ll enjoy all day long. And with 22 hours total battery life, we really do mean all day.

Since UE DROPS fit so well, you may barely notice they’re in your ears. And with a flawless fit comes passive noise isolation. UE DROPS create a seal that blocks external sounds, plus provides other benefits like an improved bass response and enhanced clarity. But with a great fit comes great responsibility, especially when you’re on the move, and that’s where Transparency Mode swings into action.

Transparency Mode lets sound in via an external microphone so you can hear what’s happening around you. It’s ideal for keeping all of your senses tingling while you’re shopping, traveling, working out or watching the kids.

Drop In and Hear for Yourself

When you’re ready to take the plunge into UE DROPS, get started with your FitKit today. If you still have some questions about UE DROPS turnkey customization process, send us an email and we’ll help you find the best style and fit for your personalized vibe.

Still not sure what this FitKit business is all about? Learn more about the UE DROPS customization process.

Stylish earbuds, hand-shaped to your unique earprint.

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