What is Transparency Mode and When to Use It

What is Transparency Mode and When to Use It

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UE DROPS handcrafted custom earbuds with transparency mode help you maintain situational awareness while providing unparalleled true wireless stereo sound.



UE DROPS will get people talking.


But with their shaped-to-you fit and cozy passive noise isolation, you might not be able to hear them. That’s where transparency mode comes in. Whatever you call it—ambient mode, hearthrough mode, surround sense or transparent mode—this feature allows you to “tune in” to your surroundings without removing your earbuds.


In transparency mode, you’ll hear a blend of your music plus external sounds picked up by the UE DROPS’ built-in external microphones. This helps you hear important travel announcements, listen for the sizzle of a hot pan at dinnertime or keep an “ear” out for your pets scratching at the back door.


Most of all, transparency mode is ideal for catching compliments about your earbuds.




What is Transparency Mode?


Transparency mode lets you take in everything everywhere all at once. When transparency mode is engaged, UE DROPS send audio signals directly from the built-in external microphones to your earbuds, just like any other audio source. Now you can take in the sights (and sounds) happening around you—and with a bangin’ soundtrack, too.




Isn’t it easier to just take out an earbud?


Not really. You’ve got enough stuff to juggle—phone, wallet, car keys, etc.—and besides, removing one earbud only gives you half of the conversation. With transparency mode, your hands are free to scroll through TikTok, send a text or read a book while you take in the atmosphere. All you have to do is tap twice on an earbud and transparency mode will automatically engage.


When it’s time to focus and you really need to pump up the jams for a distraction-free listening environment, simply deactivate transparency mode and enjoy the up to 26dB of passive noise cancellation of UE DROPS.




When to use Transparency Mode


Any time is the right time for transparency mode. Indoors or out, you never know when you might need to stop, collaborate and listen. And since UE DROPS are IPX7 water and sweat resistant, they’re a perfect earbud for rainy days, intense workouts or serious beach hangs.


Transparency mode should be ready-to-use when your UE DROPS ship. To turn it on, simply tap either earbud twice. If you’re having trouble activating transparency mode, click here for a little help.


Here’s a few of our favorite ways to use transparency mode on UE DROPS.





Got a plane to catch? Transparency mode allows you to listen up for important travel announcements. Hear every arrival, departure, boarding call and gate change loud and clear without interrupting your tunes, podcasts or videos.


Once onboard, transparency mode helps you hear the chime of the seatbelt sign plus important updates from the flight deck. Don’t leave home without it.





Everyday errands like grocery shopping, going to the mall or spending time at the laundromat are more fun with transparency mode. Standing in line for hours at the DMV? Turn on transparency mode and catch up on podcasts while you wait—you’ll hear when your number is called, no problem.





Transparency mode is a game-changer at home. Now you can blast your spring cleaning playlist and tackle household chores while the kids are napping and still listen to the baby monitor. Expecting a delivery while working from home? You can still hear the doorbell loud and clear while you’re in full focus mode.


In the kitchen, transparency mode is ideal for knowing when your kettle is boiling, listening for the sizzle of a perfect sear in a smokin’ hot pan and chatting with your favorite sous chef.





Listening to music can improve your health. Whether you’re pumping iron to get swole or prefer a more cardiovascular workout like running or yoga, transparency mode makes sure that you hear your personal trainer’s words of encouragement loud and clear.


When biking, hiking or jogging, transparency mode keeps you safer by providing awareness of nearby traffic, bicycles, off-leash dogs and other folks on the trail—rain or shine.




Clearly better sound quality


Transparency mode isn’t the only thing that makes UE DROPS crystal clear. The audio quality is incredible, too. UE DROPS feature expertly tuned 9.2mm dynamic drivers inspired by our UE 5 sound signature used by world-famous musicians, DJs and producers. Learn more about the industry’s first truly bespoke handcrafted true wireless earbuds.





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