What is a FitKit?

What is a FitKit?

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You can get custom-made earbuds without visiting an audiologist. Learn why our proprietary FitKit is the best way to get fitted for custom earbud impressions!

If you’ve searched around Google for “custom earbuds,” you might think that there’s no shortage of bespoke options for you out there. The truth is, while most of these earbuds promise a “custom fit,” what you really get is the choice between small, medium or large. Maybe that’s cool at the drive-thru, but your favorite music, games and videos deserve better.

A pair of earbuds can only fit as well as the ear impressions they’re made from. If your off-the-rack earbuds aren’t made from custom ear impressions, then you might not have earbuds that are truly custom to your unique earprint. The difference starts with the UE FitKit—a simple app-guided process that allows you to create accurate ear impressions at home.

Keep reading to learn why and how our proprietary FitKit outshines other methods of getting fitted for earbud impressions.

What is a Custom Fit?

Shopping for quality earbuds can feel disappointing at times. Most earbud brands expect you to choose between three ear tip sizes (at best) that never really fit. You either settle for a poor experience or return them for another unsatisfying pair.

Your earprint is as unique as your fingerprint. That’s why choosing between small, medium and large earbud tips feels like guesswork. To get the best listening experience, you need custom earbuds made for you.

Unlike mass-produced earbuds, custom earbuds match the exact contours of your inner ear—your earprint. When your earbuds align with your ear canal it’s like magic—everything sounds (and feels) much better. Custom earbuds are handcrafted using your precise ear impressions, so there’s no need to worry about picking the correct eartips. With truly bespoke earbuds like UE DROPS, you know you’re getting the best possible fit right out of the box.

Fitkit vs made for the masses

What a FitKit Is Not

Once you understand what “custom earbuds” really means, you’ll be able to cut through the weeds and find real custom earbuds. Some brands offer a “fit kit” to improve the fit of regular earbuds, but they’re more of an accessory, not a way to create ear impressions for custom earbuds.

These kits feature a range of replacement silicone tips and stability bands, like what comes packaged with bargain earbuds. The concept is simple—replace the tips, install the stability bands … and cross your fingers that these will fit better than the last ones. Despite the convenience, there’s nothing custom-made about these kits.

However, there are better solutions out there! Getting custom earbuds made to fit your unique earprint is easier, faster and more cost-effective than you think. Ultimate Ears developed a revolutionary way to create ear impressions for custom earbuds—the UE FitKit.

What Makes the UE FitKit Unique?

Our proprietary UE FitKit is your first step towards a bespoke listening experience. This app-guided process uses cutting-edge technology to create molds that match your unique earprint. The end-result? Custom-fitted earbuds for your ears only.

Thanks to the UE FitKit, you don't need an audiologist to take measurements of your inner ear. The UE FitKit uses gel-filled tips to create impressions at home. When exposed to UV light placed inside the tips themselves, they form to your exact earprint. The molds reach the first bend of your ear canal for a comfortable, secure fit that never falls out.

UE Fitkit

How Does a FitKit Work?

After placing your order, we ship your UE FitKit with molding tips packed in a small box. When you open your package, you’ll download the companion app which will show you how to use the UE FitKit.

Before the molding process begins, the companion app will help you choose the molding tips that fit you best. You’ll attach the tips to the fitting device, which communicates with the app via Bluetooth.

With the tips in place, you’ll hit “start” and the magic begins. You’ll feel a warm sensation as the tips conform to the shape of your earprint. The tips slowly harden in place, leaving you with precise ear impressions. The impression-making process only takes 60 seconds—no remolding required. If you want, you can repeat this process with the other included tips and return the ones that you felt were a better fit.

When the process is complete, you’ll ship your FitKit back to us. Once we have your molds, we create a 3D scan of your ear impressions and build your custom earbuds.

UE DROPS: Feel the Difference

UE DROPS use our patented UE FitKit to deliver a perfect fit shaped to your unique earprint. Order your own set of UE DROPS true wireless earbuds to experience unmatched comfort, immersive sound and superior noise isolation—or your money back!

Luxury earbuds, hand-shaped to your unique earprint.

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