What are the Benefits of True Wireless Earbuds?

What are the Benefits of True Wireless Earbuds?

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True wireless earbuds don’t just look cool, they have a host of benefits including a charging case that keeps them charged, no bulky cables and much more.

Someone has to say it: 3.5mm headphone jacks are, as the kids say, cheugy. And since new smartphones no longer include wired headphone jacks or even earbuds, there’s never been a better time to try true wireless earbuds.

Besides, true wireless earbuds don’t just look cool, they have a host of benefits including a charging case that keeps them juiced up, no bulky cables to get tangled, fewer fragile components to replace and more. They’re ideal for listening to playlists and podcasts at the gym, on the train or in the office, thanks to their all-day comfort, long battery life and robust Bluetooth 5.0 technology.

Whether you’re upgrading your old wireless headphones, looking for the best earbuds for working out or simply wondering why your wireless earbuds keep falling out all the time, we think you’ll like the sound and functionality of true wireless. Check out these benefits of true wireless earbuds.

Less Likely to Fall Out

If you’ve ever had your earbuds aggressively yanked out of your skull in the middle of an intense workout or animated phone conversation because you hooked the cable with your thumbs, then you already know one of the major benefits of true wireless earbuds.

Since true wireless earbuds—as the name suggests—don’t have any wires at all, you’re not going to accidentally tug them out. Wires also add a lot of weight to your earbuds, which is another reason they tend to fall out, and another reason true wireless earbuds are more likely to stay put.

UE FITS are even more prone to staying put than standard true wireless earbuds. That’s because FITS’ custom self-molding tips automatically adapt to your unique earprint for a secure fit that won’t fall out even during intense workouts.

In fact, our earbuds’ fit is so snug that it physically blocks external sounds for excellent passive noise isolation so you can pump up the jams even if there’s excessive background noise.

Ideal for Fitness

Besides being less likely to fall out and pull you out of the zone, true wireless earbuds have a few other workout-centric benefits.

For one, you don’t have to be tethered to your phone—literally. If you’re in the gym, you can keep your phone in your locker rather than in your pocket or on an armband. But even on neighborhood and trail runs, you’ll love not having those headphone wires whipping at your face and neck anymore.

Many true wireless earbuds are also sweat resistant, like UE FITS. So you don’t have to worry about your earbuds while you’re putting in the work—they’ll be just fine.

Great Battery Life

Traditional Bluetooth earbuds—the type that have a wire connecting one earbud to the other—have to be plugged into a cable and charged every 4-8 hours or so. True wireless earbuds like UE FITS include a USB-C charging case so they’re always ready to rock. These cases hold an additional charge so you don’t have to be tethered to a wall as often. Instead, they begin charging automatically when you put them away

UE FITS in particular give 20+ hours of pure, uninterrupted listening before they need a top off. Or, if you’re running late and find your earbuds aren’t juiced up, you can plug them in the case for just 10 minutes and get a full hour of listening— just enough time to finish that last podcast episode on your morning commute or gym circuit.


Protective Storage Case

That case isn’t just about keeping your earbuds charged up. Superior true wireless earbuds are an investment, and you want to keep them protected. Traditional wired Bluetooth earbuds didn’t always come with a protective case, but true wireless earbuds almost always do.

UE FITS come with a slick USB-C protective storage and charging case to protect your earbuds from unexpected turbulence while keeping them charged and ready to roll. Just stick your UE FITS in the case, toss the case in your bag, and enjoy our premium, immersive audio quality backed by 25+ years of professional audio heritage.

No More Tangles

Cables, if properly stored, don’t get tangled. The problem, though, is that earbud cables—especially the short between-the-ear cables on so-called “wireless” earbuds—are so awkwardly short that you can’t wrap them neatly, no matter how you try. With wired earbuds, the spaghetti monster always wins. That is, unless you’re rocking something with removable wires, like our CSX earphones.

True wireless earbuds have no wires anywhere—not even behind your head— so you can live tangle-free.

Tap Controls

It was a game-changer when the first wired earbuds came with single, double and even triple-tap controls to answer calls, pause/play songs and skip or go back a track. New true wireless earbuds are taking that tradition a step further.

For example, UE FITS’ Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity is compatible with a wide array of devices, all of which can be controlled through custom single- or double-taps on the surface of your earbuds. Activate Siri or Google Assistant, play, pause, adjust the volume or answer phone calls without reaching for your phone.

Plus, with the included UE FITS app for iOS and Android operating systems, you can customize your tap controls, apply customizable audio filters, mold new tips, check your fit and more.

Try UE FITS Today

UE FITS are the world’s first custom-fit true wireless earbuds. Experience the unparalleled comfort of our fall-out proof tips and unmatched sound quality backed by decades of pro audio experience.

Try UE FITS risk-free today! Love them or your money back, guaranteed.

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