UE FITS Reviews: What Real Users Think

UE FITS Reviews: What Real Users Think

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Finding the perfect earbuds can be difficult, but UE FITS is solving that problem for people everywhere. Check out what real users are saying about UE FITS.

If you’ve looked into UE FITS, you’ve probably heard all about how they shape to your unique earprint to give you a comfortable, never-falls-out fit. You’ve probably also read about our phenomenal sound quality, how we fit ears of all sizes—especially small ears—better than other earbuds, and how UE FITS offers a stellar alternative to active noise cancellation.

But all that talk is one thing coming from us—it means a lot more coming from real customers. Check out what they have to say about UE FITS for yourself.

“I’m so happy I found these earbuds!”

Our unique custom-molding process creates a perfect fit that never falls out, no matter how your ears are shaped. Some people with smaller ears struggle to get a comfortable fit with generic “one size fits all” earbuds. Because let’s be real—they never fit right. Our customer Amy had great success with her UE FITS, even with smaller ear canals.

“I am so happy I found these earbuds! I could never find anything that fit my ridiculously small ears until UE FITS came along. They were so easy to mold into my specific ears with the special Lightform Technology, and the sound quality is fantastic! I highly recommend them to everyone who asks. Thanks for giving me the gift of comfort and sound!” - Amy W.

“The best money you’ll spend on earbuds”

When using off-the-shelf earbuds, the battle for comfort and adequate noise cancellation never ends. For Greg, all that changed for the better after he switched to UE FITS.

“I have always had issues with keeping earbuds in my ears to block outside noise. They always fell out after a few minutes. But that all ended when I got new UE FITS! They fit perfectly and isolate sound, so there’s no ambient noise. Plus, the sound is amazing. This is the best money you will spend on earbuds—guaranteed!” - Greg L.

“Snug and comfortable”

UE FITS are custom-molding True Wireless earbuds for every lifestyle—and they’ll never fall out and get lost. For our customer, Deborah, replacing missing earbuds on a regular basis just wasn’t cutting it. We’re glad we finally found each other.

“I have purchased three pairs of earbuds that do not stay in my ears, and as a result, I lost every pair. But UE FITS are perfect! I’ve tested them against my everyday routine, and I can still feel them in my ears at the end of a long day—snug and comfortable. These will definitely withstand a long flight without any irritation. Thanks UE!” - Deborah C.

Mike Bass on YouTube

We’ve never seen someone so pumped to unbox and experience the UE FITS. From start to finish, Mike Bass glows with excitement as he explains the magic that gives you a custom fit—our Lightform Technology. Mike says, “[UE FITS] are a great advancement for technology for sure!” He also gives some extra tips for getting the best fit—and having fun while you’re at it. We’re here for it.

“It sounds like I’m in the middle of a concert!”

The expertise we’ve acquired from our legendary audio heritage allows us to make stage-inspired products that are perfect for daily use, whether you’re commuting or exercising. Check out what Linda had to say about her immersive experience with UE FITS.

“I’ve spent most of my life searching for earbuds that fit correctly and sound good, so I decided to give UE FITS a try. They stay put while I commute and exercise, and the comfort is beyond what I expected—I easily forget I have them in. It sounds like I’m in the middle of a concert! - Linda C.

“The highest level of comfort”

When it comes to comfort, regular earbuds just don’t cut it. UE FITS won’t leave your ears feeling itchy or sore—you might even forget you’re wearing them. Hear what Julia has to say about the unrivaled feel of UE FITS.

“I bought these for my daughter who had trouble finding comfortable earbuds that would stay in her ears. She’s been using UE FITS daily for weeks now and loves them! They never fall out and have the highest level of comfort compared to anything she ever had. She loves the sound quality for videos, music and online meetings.” - Julia B.

“UE FITS are amazing”

From workout routines to study sessions, UE FITS can prevent ambient noise from reaching your ears so you can focus. And with a sweatproof design, you’ll spend a lot more time focusing on what’s important, instead of constantly adjusting your earbuds. Check out Joshua’s thoughts on the fit and noise reduction of UE FITS.

“These are the best headphones I’ve ever used! The sound quality is amazing and the fit is just as good. They molded perfectly to my ears upon setup and now deliver a great experience anywhere, thanks to the excellent noise reduction. I would recommend these to anyone who frequents the gym or needs to focus while working or studying.” - Joshua H.


The team from YourTechReport gets the hype of UE FITS, especially the passive noise cancellation.

“You hear the outside world getting quieter and quieter,” they mention while the fitting process takes place. That’s because the custom molding of UE FITS delivers significant passive noise cancellation, so you can block out distracting noise while you jam out.

“A solution to a problem I’ve had all my life”

If you’ve always had problems with your earbuds falling out of your ears, you’re not alone. And it’s not your fault! Maybe your ears are a little bigger or smaller than what standard earbuds are designed for. Regardless, it’s why we made UE FITS, and why we love seeing reviews like this one from Jamie A.

"I was a bit skeptical when I first saw the ads for these earbuds on my Facebook feed. I had just purchased [a different pair of earbuds] and wasn’t about to spend any more money on a frivolous purchase. After a day gardening in the yard where my earbuds kept falling out, I was over it and decided to give these a try. When I got the UE FITS, I installed the app, put them in and followed the easy prompts to get a truly extraordinary custom fit. These things will NOT fall out of your ears! I work out with them and garden with them on hot sweaty days and they stay put! Not only that but the sound quality is really better than the other more expensive ones I have! This has certainly been a solution to a problem I’ve had all my life. Earbuds just don’t stay in my ears.” - Jamie A.

“The grass is greener on this side”

It’s only human to think that there’s a better product out there just waiting to be discovered. That’s why we love it when a customer like Russell F. tries UE FITS and realizes…this is it, the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

"If you are on the fence about ordering, jump the fence and do it!! The grass is greener on this side. I have spent a lot of money on headsets and owned over the head, behind the ear, jaw induction, wired and wireless, in the earbuds and pods. I have tried wetting down the silicone before inserting them to create a seal, but in the end, it didn't matter as I was constantly readjusting and disconnecting calls by touching them before they fell out. I read about UE Fits about 18 months ago and patiently waited and waited and now I wait no more. After molding them to my ears, I wore them around for about 30 or 45 minutes. My fear was they would hurt. 3 days later, I had them in my ears for over 6 hours while I dabbled in the garage. I did NOT have to adjust them one time and when I removed them from my ears, there was no pain, no itch and no tingly sensation—it was as they were never in my ear. I was very happy with the comfort..." - Russell F.

Join the choir of satisfied customers! We offer a 30-Day Custom Fit Guarantee to ensure a secure fit with unrivaled comfort and sound. Learn more here.

Guaranteed to fit your unique ears, no matter their size, or your money back.

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