UE FITS Review Round-Up

UE FITS Review Round-Up

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The word is out—UE FITS are a hit. From write-ups in some of today’s biggest tech publications to some extremely fun YouTube reviews, here’s a quick look at some of the things people are saying about FITS.

International Business Times

Sam Campbell from International Business Times went hands-on to answer the question “Do UE FITS really work?” His verdict? “In my experience with the UE Fits, I call it a total success.” Though Campbell thought at first that he hadn’t had a successful molding process, “I soon realized that the perception came from not having a silicone tip pushing up to my ear canal,” which he ultimately felt was more comfortable than other earbuds on the market.

But that’s not all Sam loved about UE FITS. “It's quite impressive how clean the instrument separation is with the UE Fits ... which probably has something to do with the custom fit that doesn't choke all the sound inside of the ear canal. These in-ear earphones have an open-back quality to them that can't be achieved with a typical earbud.”

Flossy Carter on YouTube

Our favorite part of this review is Flossy’s head shake test, where he tries to get FITS to fall out. Just like you’d expect, the customization from FITS passes the head shake test on light, medium, heavy, and ludicrous mode. Wait, ludicrous mode? Briefly put, Flossy had to up the ante on his head shake test because they wouldn’t budge, and he still couldn’t dislodge FITS! His ultimate assessment? “Shout-out to UE, you hit a home run on these.”

Gear Patrol

In his review of UE FITS, Tucker Bowe wants to make one thing clear, “Ultimate Ears's custom mold wireless earbuds are designed to give you the perfect fit. And let me tell you: it's no gimmick.” In this in-depth article, Bowe concludes, “In addition to being comfortable and genuinely one of the most interesting wireless earbuds I've tested, the UE Fits also sound pretty excellent.”

New Stuff TV On YouTube

Antwan from New Stuff TV was beyond excited to get started with UE FITS, and we loved to see it! His energy and love of his FITS is infectious. Our favorite line of his review? “That feels good, that is really comfortable—I’m sold, you sold me UE FITS!”


Tim Gideon from PCMag took a look at UE FITS and he wants readers to know that “[UE FITS] is no gimmick.” He walks us through the fitting process and tests quite a few genres of music through FITS. So where does he land on FITS? “If you’re looking for solid battery life, a balanced-but-sculpted sound signature, and an extra-secure fit, the UE Fits deliver.”

Gamesky On YouTube

“The custom fitting of the eartips is a huge plus,” Keith from Gamesky says in his quick walk-through and review of UE FITS. “Being able to have a pair in your ears that feels like it’s made for you, and it feels like it’s never going to fall out and that you don’t have to adjust … is a huge bonus.” But that’s not all Keith liked about FITS. Even though he’s a self-described “bass-head,” he loved the crisp clarity offered by the FITS sound signature.

Rolling Stone

If Rolling Stone knows one thing, it’s music. That’s why we were so honored to have them review UE FITS as the first entry in their recent article, “The Best Earbuds For Music.” As they say in the article, “If you’ve had trouble finding earbuds that fit, want to reduce the risk of hearing loss, and love music, the UE Fits can’t be beat.”

Alexandre Calvez On YouTube

The love for UE FITS expands beyond the United States—Alexandre Calvez had a pair shipped to him all the way in France and even had a great interaction with our customer support team when he ran his Fit Check in the app. We’re glad he had the captions on, but you can see his excitement without understanding French! “I must say that these are more pleasant in the long run when I listen to a lot of music or when I work with them,” he concludes at the end of the review.

The Verge

In his review of UE FITS for The Verge, Chris Welch says “[FITS] fit better than any consumer earbuds I’ve ever tried.” But that’s not all Welch liked about FITS—he also loved their sound profile. “Listening through the new Tom Petty Wildflowers & All The Rest compilation, the FITS were able to span remasters, at-home demo sessions, and live recordings and made them all shine with depth and excellent instrument separation. These earbuds can sound big when songs like HAIM’s ‘Don’t Wanna’ warrant it but also handle the more raw, acoustic tracks of Ruston Kelly’s Shape and Destroy.”

Ready to try for yourself? Learn more and order your own pair of UE FITS here.

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