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Jaden Smith defies almost every label — except one. He’s undeniably unique.

“From my very first live performance to this day I have always relied on UE as a go-to tool on stage! They allow me to concentrate on my craft and not worry about anything else getting in my way. So when I got a chance to collaborate with Logitech & Ultimate Ears and learned of their shared commitment to the issues my generation and I care about - social and environmental justice - it was a logical fit. I appreciate Logitech as a company and their willingness to support my own mission with 501CTHREE that drives, innovation, justice, equity and impact in communities who need it most.” - Jaden Smith


Driven by boundless creativity, curiosity, and a passion for social impact, Jaden has become a leading voice of his generation. He starred in his first major feature film when he was 8, founded sustainable boxed water company JUST WATER when he was 12 years old, and released his first album when he was 17. He's modeled for Louis Vuitton. He co-founded the art collective and lifestyle brand, MSFTSrep. He has performed at Coachella.

And while these achievements are impressive, what's most unique about Jaden is his vision for a more sustainable and equitable future. After founding JUST WATER, Jaden co-founded a nonprofit called 501CTHREE which brought together a team of passionate and experienced innovators to address the problems that climate change and resource scarcity have on communities of color. Most recently, he announced that he will be opening a restaurant in Los Angeles offering free food to the homeless. He doesn't conform to gender stereotypes, is passionate about equal rights, and is fighting for a better future, for all.


We created UE FITS with the belief that every music lover deserves earbuds that are fitted to their unique ears. Who wants to live in a one-size-fits all world?

UE FITS and Jaden share a passion for celebrating our collective individualism - and making the world better for future generations. Wearing UE FITS empowers Jaden to unlock his creativity and inspiration.

Are you ready to unlock yours?

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