UE FITS [D Smoke]

UE FITS [D Smoke]

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When he’s not performing on stage, Grammy-nominated rapper D Smoke feels at home in the boxing ring, finding his rhythm with UE FITS. Ready to find your fit?

Music and boxing have one thing in common: you have to find your own beat. And, when he’s not on the stage or in the studio, the boxing ring is where GRAMMY-nominated rapper and songwriter D Smoke feels most at home.

D Smoke first gained national attention in 2019 as the winner of the first season of music competition show Rhythm + Flow on Netflix, but music runs deep in his family. His mother, Jackie Gouché, is a professional background singer who toured with Tina Turner while his uncle, Andrew Gouché, performed with Prince and was musical director for Chaka Khan.

In 2006, when he was just 21 years old, D Smoke started the songwriting group WoodWorks with his brothers—including fellow rapper SiR—and cousin Tiffany Gouché. The collective had a string of success, writing for Ginuwine, The Pussycat Dolls and Jaheim. But his big break would take over a decade to materialize.

UE FITS Lightform Technology

One thing you need to know about GRAMMY-nominated rapper and songwriter D Smoke is that he’s a fighter. Literally. A retired amateur boxer with a perfect 3-0 record, D Smoke sees a lot of similarities between boxing and music.

“Boxing and music both have a lot to do with rhythm,” says D Smoke. “When you're sparring somebody, if they can start to anticipate your rhythm, then they can beat you. And in music, innovating and creating new patterns in music is the name of the game.”

The drive to find your own beat is something we know a little bit about. It’s why we created UE FITS, the first earbuds that custom shape to your unique earprint in just 60 seconds.

D Smoke even finds some similarities between boxing and the UE FITS shaping process. “As I became a boxer, it was through heat,” he tells us, discussing the training process he underwent to become a seasoned fighter. “And so, in the same way, when you’re putting the UE FITS in, it heats up, and it’s through that heat, that warmth, that things begin to mold and customize and change to be yours.”


As D Smoke so eloquently puts it, “Your music is yours, your playlist is yours. What you listen to, you customize it. So why wouldn't your headphones be custom as well?”

With UE FITS, D Smoke shuts out the world and finds his rhythm. “They put me in the zone,” says D Smoke. “And for me, it’s vital. I use my UE FITS to hone in and get ready. And then, once I do, there’s nothing I can’t do. UE FITS my life, UE FITS my style, UE FITS my grind.”

Find your own beat with UE FITS.

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