"You won't be disappointed" - UE FITS customer Kevin W.

The Truth About UE FITS

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If you’re looking for the truth about UE FITS, our customers are your best source for unfiltered reviews. See what everyone is actually saying about UE FITS.

UE FITS are like no other pair of earbuds in the world, from their immersive sound to the 60-second custom molding technology. Tech insiders give UE FITS glowing reviews, but you’re probably wondering what everyday users actually think.

If you’re looking for the truth about UE FITS, our customers are your number one source. Check out these honest, unfiltered opinions from the people who use UE FITS every day.

“I Recommend UE FITS, 10/10”

Cheap, off-the-shelf earbuds won’t break the bank—but they’ll break on you. We’ve heard stories from people everywhere who’ve gone through countless pairs of mass-produced earbuds, hoping that the next pair will last a little longer. Instead, their shopping experience turns into an expensive cycle of “buy and break.” Our customer Sarah decided it was finally time for a change and upgraded to UE FITS. Plus, our support team is there when you need them.

"UE FITS are great! My cheap earbuds broke, so I figured I’d try these bad boys out—and oh my goodness—I’m glad I did. The comfort really is incredible, and the customer support is very reliable! After realizing the tips were too big, customer support helped me get smaller replacements. Overall I’d say the sound quality, comfort, and battery life are amazing. I recommend UE FITS, 10/10!" - Sarah A.

“A Good Alternative to Active Noise Cancellation”

Tuning out the world is easier than ever with noise-canceling earphones, but active noise cancellation (ANC) isn’t for everyone. In addition to the higher price and subpar battery life of ANC earphones, they can cause ear fatigue and distort your music. That’s why UE FITS features the best alternative to ANC—passive noise isolation. Our customer Steven can tell you all about it!

"I have sensitive ears. UE FITS are the only earbuds that I can comfortably use at lower volume levels and still hear everything. The custom sound profiles you can adjust in the app are super useful too. I’d recommend them to anyone that wants a good alternative to active noise cancellation that still reduces ambient noise. I’m very pleased and would buy again! - Steve H.

“The Lightform Technology is Amazing”

Regular earbuds are easy on your wallet but painfully hard on your ears. The truth is that no ear has the same shape, which is why “one-size-fits-all” buds are uncomfortable and constantly fall out. UE FITS are the only True Wireless earbuds in the world that mold to your ears, thanks to our patented Lightform Technology. Hear what Katelyne has to say!

"I owned a pair of very popular name-brand earbuds that I wasn’t super fond of because they always fell out of my ear, so I tried UE FITS. The Lightform Technology they use to mold the tips to your ear canals is amazing. They fit perfectly in my ear and block background noise. I’m in the process of remodeling our home, and I can wear UE FITS with an air compressor going and barely hear it sitting next to me! - Katelyne W.

“You Won’t Be Disappointed”

Getting a boost in exercise performance is one of the biggest health benefits of listening to music. Of course, hearing the gym’s sound system bleed through your earbuds or the wind rushing past on your bike or jog makes enjoying your workout playlists harder than it should be. UE FITS solves that problem by using passive noise isolation to block out ambient noise. UE FITS allows Kevin to hear his music loud and clear, even with a lot of background noise.

“After reading all the five-star reviews about UE FITS, I decided to buy a pair. I can’t believe how well they fit! They’re very comfortable and never come loose. As a cyclist, I usually listen to music when riding my bike, but it’s difficult to hear because of the wind. With UE FITS, I can hear my music clearly, even at the lowest volume. You won’t be disappointed!" - Kevin W.

“Great Service, Great Fit”

Listening to music while running motivates your movement, whether you’re jogging through the park or on the treadmill. If you’ve ever tried to run with earbuds, you probably know how difficult it can be to keep them in place. We hear the story all the time. Before UE FITS, our friend Caroline struggled to keep her earbuds from falling out while jogging—she even tried tape! Hear what she has to say about UE FITS.

"Regular earbuds make my ears ache after a while. I’ve even taped cheap earbuds to my ears to keep them from falling out while jogging. UE FITS made these problems disappear! The tips that came with my UE FITS were too big for me, so they sent me the smaller size, no questions asked. Great service, great fit!" - Caroline K.

“UE FITS Are Life-Changing”

Music can improve your concentration at work, but earbuds that constantly fall out are a huge distraction. We made sure UE FITS would fit securely for everyone, even if you have small ears. Hear what Travis loves about using UE FITS on the job!

"I have a little graveyard of headsets and wireless earbuds of every variety—some of them are very expensive. UE FITS are the only earbuds that stay in my ears. Additionally, I can use one bud at a time, similar to my work headsets. The sound quality is phenomenal. Seriously, UE FITS are life-changing and help me accomplish more tasks during the workday." - Travis Z.

“A Surprising Amount of Bass”

We’re a brand that knows what it means to sound good. UE is trusted on the biggest stages in the world, and we use our audio expertise to make high quality earbuds. Our UE FITS feature premium 10mm neodynamic drivers that deliver every detail of the music you love. Check out what Steven says about the immersive sound of UE FITS.

"I have a home studio with 3 different sets of professional reference monitors, so finding the best sound is important to me. UE FITS have detailed highs and a surprising amount of bass. The molding process does a great job of molding to your ear canal for good noise isolation. I wore them for 3 hours and never had any discomfort." - Steven H.

“The Detailed Sound Quality I Need”

True Wireless earbuds are the most convenient way to enjoy access to infinite music and podcasts all day, every day. But if your earbuds can’t deliver premium sound and comfort, then it’s a lot harder to enjoy the media you love. Our customer Tabitha didn’t settle for bad sound quality, and neither should you! Check out what she has to say about her UE FITS.

"The setup was super easy and I love the clear sound. I listen to a lot of audio drama podcasts, and these provide the detailed sound quality I need to enjoy them! Plus, I can work all day without them falling out of my ears, and I don’t get headaches from extended wear." - Tabitha L.

Ready to experience UE FITS for yourself? We offer a 30-Day Custom Fit Guarantee to ensure a secure fit with unrivaled comfort and sound. Learn more here.

Guaranteed to fit your unique ears, no matter their size, or your money back.

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