The High-Fashion Inspiration Behind UE DROPS

The High-Fashion Inspiration Behind UE DROPS

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Meet UE DROPS—the high-tech handcrafted bespoke custom true wireless earbuds with passive noise cancellation that look like high-fashion.

True wireless earbuds used to be a statement piece. Back when everyone was still wired into their phones, true wireless earbuds showed that you were an early adopter of high tech. You were with it.

These days, true wireless earbuds are everywhere, and those flashes of white tubes dangling from your ears do more to detract from your drip than accentuate your style. Are they a look? Sure, but not always a great one.

We took a long look in the mirror and decided it was time to introduce high fashion to the wild and wonderful world of wireless earbuds. To take things a step further, we decided to make them by hand, one at a time, molded to the exact shape of your ears for a perfect fit.

Meet UE DROPS—the handcrafted bespoke custom earbuds are high-tech that look high-fashion.

The Inspiration

Fashion isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out. Our style—how we dress and accessorize—is how we express our true selves. Some of us are down to rock ripped designer jeans and crop tops while others take haute couture inspiration and apply it to everyday street style.

We designed UE DROPS to work with your style, whether you’re in a more casual fit or dressed for the club. We spared no expense to make DROPS a statement piece that helps you stand out in a crowd.

With those goals in mind, we pored over fashion blogs, stills from runway shows, online jewelry catalogs—especially limited-edition drops—and more. We made note of what colors and styles were sleek, which lines and silhouettes are flattering with everything and got to work.

The Result

When it comes to the aesthetic of UE DROPS, we leaned into a minimalist jewelry look that’s easy to style with any ‘fit—from activewear to high fashion.

The first thing you’ll notice about UE DROPS is that they don’t have a logo on the earbuds themselves. As much as we love our branding, your DROPS are about you and your style, not ours.

Our first three colors are inspired by materials used in timeless jewelry statement pieces: sleek and dark onyx, bold and vibrant sapphire and light and classic rose quartz. Like a go-to ring or necklace, these colorways will go with anything and turn heads.

People might not even realize UE DROPS are earbuds at first glance, but once they find out they’re sure to ask “Where did you get those?”

Of course, the world’s most stylish earbuds need to sound as good as they look, and the Ultimate Ears team knows a thing or two about world-class audio. Based on the famously balanced sound of our UE 5 professional in-ear monitors—which have been trusted by the biggest names in music for decades—DROPS boast premium sound and passive noise cancellation. We precisely tuned 9.2mm dynamic drivers to deliver a premium audio experience worthy of our heritage.

Since UE DROPS are custom-fitted and handcrafted for your ears only, they offer unparalleled all-day comfort. And, thanks to their impressive 22 hours of battery life with the charging case, you can enjoy your DROPS from sunrise to sunset.

DROPS also boast some impressive premium features, including transparency mode to let you hear what’s happening in the world around you (but only when you want it). They also offer hands-free calling, customizable button controls, wireless charging and sweat- and water-resistance.

Styling Your UE DROPS

We designed UE DROPS to accentuate your aesthetic, no matter what vibe you’re going for. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few suggestions of how to style your chic new earbuds.


UE DROPS match to your makeup

Matching your makeup to your ‘fit is nothing new—it’s a key element of building a cohesive overall look. Next time you pick up your eyeshadow pallet, keep your UE DROPS in mind.

Every UE DROPS color pairs beautifully with makeup. Our Sapphire DROPS look stunning with a pop of blue on the lower lid or a full smokey eye. Pink Quartz can bring out a pop of blush or a bold lipstick. Pair a deep eyeliner with Onyx DROPS.


Match accent colors to UE DROPS

The pop of color that UE DROPS provides is eye-catching all on its own.

But that flash of Rose Quartz, Sapphire or Onyx goes even further when it’s accenting pink, blue or black in your outfit. Whether that’s a logo on your sweater or your limited edition designer sneakers, your DROPS can help you pull your look together from your head to your toes.


Bring out your eyes with UE DROPS

With their sleek look and jewel-inspired colors, you can’t deny that UE DROPS are eye-catching. But they can also enhance your eyes.

If you have blue, green or gray eyes, our Saphire colorway can make your eyes look even more vibrant than usual. Meanwhile, the reddish hues of Rose Quartz can bring out the green in hazel eyes, making your eyes especially dramatic. Those with brown eyes can rely on Onyx to accentuate the warmth of your eyes.


Let UE DROPS stand out

We might be biased, but we think UE DROPS can shine all on their own. They can even be the centerpiece of your look.

As the launchpad for a new look or the crown jewel in a coordinated ‘fit, UE DROPS always look the part. Everything from evening formal wear to casual '80s nostalgia will benefit from crisp hand-turned earbuds that sound even better than they look—and they look good.


Music and fashion are forever intertwined. From the studio to the stage, artists from every era have made their mark with music, lyrics and yes—accessories. Can you imagine Stevie Nicks without her signature witchy style? Or how about Daft Punk without their helmets? And don’t even talk about KoRn without mentioning JNCOs.

Even when anti-fashion is in style (here’s lookin’ at you, ‘90s grunge rockers), the clothes we wear can deliver a message of self-expression as powerful as any song lyric. UE DROPS are built one at a time to exact turnkey specifications to provide stunning red carpet-ready looks and premium sound quality. Begin writing your UE DROPS story today.

Stylish earbuds, hand-shaped to your unique earprint.

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