The Best Work Earbuds For Your Home Office

The Best Work Earbuds For Your Home Office

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The right earbuds can keep you focused and ready to work. From call quality to comfort, consider these things when looking for the best work-from-home earbuds.

While working from an office probably won’t become a thing of the past, working from home is quickly becoming more common. Working from home can save the company and its employees money, time and can result in better work/life balance for employees and management alike. After all, who doesn’t like being able to do laundry in between calls instead of spending the weekend babysitting your wash and dry cycle?

Whether you work remotely full-time, use a home office a few days a week or burn the midnight oil for your side hustle, the right earbuds can keep you focused and ready to work. Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for the best work-from-home earbuds.

Call Quality

If you’re like a lot of work-from-home employees, you’ve replaced hopping over to a co-worker’s desk to discussing a project via phone calls and Zoom meetings throughout the day. That’s why it’s important that you find the best earbuds for phone calls. To us, that means great call quality, including the microphone.

UE FITS ensures crystal-clear calling with high-quality dual microphones. The strategic positioning of these microphones does wonders to reduce noise—even wind noise for those who like working on their decks and patios—so you can be confident that you’ll be heard loud and clear. When you combine the stellar audio of FITS with the quality of its microphones, we think you end up with the best wireless earbuds for phone calls and Zoom meetings.

All-Day Comfort

Whether your work-from-home days are filled with back-to-back meetings or you simply want to lock into the task at hand with your get-things-done playlist, all-day comfort is key. And that’s hard to find with most off-the-shelf earbuds.

Did you know that your ears are as unique as your fingerprints? It’s true—each person’s ears are completely different. Some people have ears that are bigger or smaller than others, but you wouldn’t know that if you’ve shopped for earbuds lately. You either have the hard plastic that only comes in one size or you have earbuds that come with multi-sized rubber tips that still somehow manage to poke and prod your ears uncomfortably.

UE FITS are the first off-the-shelf earbuds that mold to your ears in just 60 seconds. A custom fit is a comfortable fit, like a shirt tailored to your body. Big ears, small ears and all ears in between can get the perfect fit with FITS. No more pressure points, no more pinching and squeezing and no more earbuds falling out, even when you’re really getting into the classic hardcore playlist you put on to fight that afternoon slump at work.

Great Battery Life

What good is all-day comfort if your earbuds don’t last, well, all day? UE FITS offers up to eight hours of continuous listening on a single charge and one hour of listening after just ten minutes of charging time. That means you can bounce between Zoom meetings, quick calls and your favorite podcast or playlist for an entire workday without worrying about your battery dying.

The UE FITS charging case offers even longer listening time. One fully charged case can deliver a whopping 20 hours of listening time, meaning you’d only have to charge the case once during a 40-hour workweek if you use them for eight hours a day.

Passive Noise Isolation

Let’s face it, it isn’t always as easy to focus when you’re working from home vs. working in an office. And a big reason it’s hard to focus is the noise around us. Whether it’s your dog snoring impressively loudly in the corner, souped-up cars revving up and down a busy street or your neighbor practicing the oboe, you can’t always ensure that you’ll be able to work in peace and quiet.

The customization of UE FITS doesn’t just mean all-day comfort, it also means plenty of passive noise isolation. In other words, FITS earbuds create a natural seal with your ears so drastically less outside noise gets into your ears. That means that you won’t hear the snoring, revving or oboe-ing while you’re trying to focus. It also means you can listen to music at lower volumes. Considering so much hearing loss comes from listening to music too loudly, this can save your hearing in the long run.

But what about earbuds with Active Noise Cancellation, also known as ANC? While ANC can offer an impressive amount of noise reduction, it also distorts the music you listen to. That’s because ANC works by listening to the outside noise and creating noise that’s equal and opposite in phase to cancel the outside noise. But that also negatively affects the sound of the music you’re listening to.

ANC also reduces battery life of your earbuds because it requires extra power—that’s what active means, after all. Passive noise isolation, on the other hand, doesn’t require any extra power, so you’ll be able to listen longer between charges.

Perfect for Music and Podcasts Alike

We all listen to different things to get ourselves into the zone. Some of us can only listen to soft ambient music without words, others prefer to put on some ‘90s pop punk and some folks zip through podcasts and audiobooks while they power through their daily workload.

Your earbuds should be able to handle whatever fuels your productivity, be it trap beats or bossa novas. That’s why we designed UE FITS to have a mostly flat frequency response, which means any music or podcasts you listen to will sound exactly as the artists intended.

If you like a little more bass or a brighter sound, you can use the UE FITS app to choose one of our preset sound signatures, including one optimized for spoken word. You can even design and save your own sound signature so you can hear your music the way you want, all day long, in total comfort.

Ready to revolutionize how you work from home? Try UE FITS risk-free!

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