Playlist: Poolside

Playlist: Poolside

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Pool day isn’t complete without music. Our Ultimate Poolside Playlist brings the good vibes whether you're sunbathing, swimming, or just lounging on a floatie.

Whether you're sunbathing, swimming, or soaking, music is always a must. From classic hits to new sounds, we’ve got something for everyone and every mood. So, dive into the cool waters, sit back on a floatie, turn on the music, and let the good times roll with the Ultimate Poolside Playlist.

Tame Impala - The Less I Know the Better

Tame Impala, the Australian psychedelic music project, has been breaking barriers and captivating audiences worldwide under the leadership of Kevin Parker. One of their hits, "The Less I Know the Better," is a soulful blend of pop, disco, and rock that has become a fan favorite. This track tells a story about a guy who finds himself developing feelings for someone already in a relationship, making it incredibly relatable and emotionally charged. The beat and rhythm of this song offer the perfect backdrop for dancing and chilling out during a relaxing summer day by the pool.

Still Woozy & Remi Wolf - Pool

Pool," the collaborative effort by Still Woozy & Remi Wolf, is a minimalist piece that showcases a simple yet effective guitar riff, soft melodies, and dreamy vocals. This track offers the perfect backdrop for lounging in the sun on a pool floatie, sipping an icy beverage, or simply enjoying the warm weather.

Billy Ocean - Carribean Queen

Ocean's "Caribbean Queen" is an iconic '80s song that has stood the test of time. This track, with its upbeat rhythm and catchy melody, is perfect for transporting listeners to a nostalgic summer vibe and reminiscing about past days. With its infectious energy and timeless sound, "Caribbean Queen" is a testament to the enduring power of good music that transcends generations.

Bob Marley and The Wailers - Three Little Birds

“Three Little Birds" is a timeless song by Bob Marley and The Wailers that features catchy rhythms and simple yet powerful lyrics encouraging listeners to stay positive and not worry. The upbeat track is perfect for dancing or relaxing during a night swim, offering a peaceful yet energetic ambiance.

The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man

Byrds were a prominent American rock band during the 1960s, known for blending elements of folk, rock, and psychedelic music. One of their most iconic hits was "Mr. Tambourine Man," a classic tune written by Bob Dylan and covered by The Byrds. With its dreamy, melancholic atmosphere, the song has become synonymous with nostalgia and is a pool party must.

bLAck pARty - Summer Love

The ultimate summer love song? bLAck pARty’s “Summer Love” perfectly captures the joy and festivity of the season, with a mesmerizing melody that will transport you to the land of love. As an accomplished singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, bLAck pARty has created a true masterpiece with this catchy tune.

Lana Del Rey - Doin’ Time

This cover of Sublime’s song by Lana Del Rey is an ode to the laid-back vibe and live-for-today spirit of Southern California in the 1990s. Embrace the slow tempo of "Doin' Time" as you float in the pool and watch the clouds drift across the sky.

Ariana Grande - my hair

Ariana Grande's "my hair" is the summer jam that seamlessly blends pop, R&B, and hip hop to create an upbeat melody. With its catchy tune and infectious energy, this feel-good track is sure to become one of your favorites.

HAIM - Summer Girl

"Summer Girl" is the kind of song that makes you feel like you're in a '90s comedy movie montage featuring all of your friends. It's a chill track with a jazzy saxophone riff and melodic vocals. It's perfect for playing while you're lounging by the pool or hanging out on the deck.

Harry Styles - Keep Driving

Harry Styles' "Keep Driving" is an uplifting track with lyrics that encourage us to live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. It's the perfect song to play when you're feeling carefree and want to revel in the joy of the present.

Tainy & Miguel - Sunbathe

Sunbathe" is a laid-back track by Tainy and Miguel that's perfect for unwinding and relaxing under the sun. With its sweet melody and chill vibe, it's the ultimate summer anthem. The song's soothing rhythm and Miguel's smooth vocals transport listeners to a tranquil state of mind, evoking images of white sands, blue waters, and sunny skies.

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