Playlist: Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon

Playlist: Lunar New Year - Year of the Dragon

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Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with the Ultimate Ears Lunar New Year playlist, featuring R-Chord, Da Xiao Jie, Trivium and more.


As we usher in the vibrant festivities of Lunar New Year and welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon, it's the perfect time to explore the deep-rooted connection between music and this joyous occasion. The Lunar New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is a time of renewal, unity, and cultural traditions celebrated by millions around the world.





Da Xiao Jie - “Bling Bling 過新年”
大小姐-Bling Bling 過新年

“Bling Bling” has a high-energy and celebratory vibe. The song's infectious rhythm captures the essence of joy and exuberance associated with the Lunar New Year festivities, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the Year of the Dragon, which symbolizes prosperity and auspiciousness. Its modern and dynamic sound, coupled with the theme of abundance and good fortune, resonates with the symbolism of the dragon year.


Trivium- “Becoming the Dragon”

Becoming the Dragon’s theme of transformation and strength aligns with the auspicious attributes associated with the dragon in Chinese tradition. The song's narrative of overcoming challenges and growing stronger resonates with the spirit of resilience and empowerment often associated with the Lunar New Year festivities. Its powerful message of personal growth and triumph makes it a thematically fitting and energizing choice for celebrating the Year of the Dragon.



R-Chord - “Happy”

The upbeat and cheerful melody, combined with its uplifting lyrics, encapsulates the spirit of joy and celebration that defines the Lunar New Year. The song's positive and optimistic vibe aligns perfectly with the wishes for happiness, luck, and prosperity that are traditionally exchanged during this auspicious time. Not to mention, it has a catchy rhythm and infectious energy that make it an ideal soundtrack for festive gatherings, spreading a sense of warmth, optimism, and togetherness among family and friends.



Orange Tan, Victoria Ng, Ash Lu - “Happy Time”
Happy 龍龍 Time

The song aligns with the happy and optimistic spirit of the Lunar New Year, and also features elements of traditional and modern musical influences that resonate with the diverse celebrations of this auspicious time. Its catchy melody and positive messages are in tune with the dragon year, symbolizing good fortune, prosperity, and happiness.



Astro Artiste - “TOO HAPPY”
新年TOO HAPPY(一起來過新年)

With its catchy beats and cheerful melodies, "TOO HAPPY" brings a sense of optimism and excitement that resonates with the joyous mood of the Lunar New Year celebrations. Whether it's played during family gatherings or community events, this song has the power to uplift spirits and infuse the celebration with an extra dose of happiness. Its fusion of modern music elements with traditional festival cheer makes it a perfect soundtrack for embracing the spirit of renewal and new beginnings that the Lunar New Year represents.



Nan Fang Qun Xing - “Xi Qi Yang Yang”

The traditional Chinese elements intertwined with modern musical arrangements in "Xi Qi Yang Yang" evoke a sense of cultural pride and unity, resonating with the spirit of renewal and hope that the Lunar New Year embodies.  It also has a lively and upbeat tempo, which complements the joyous atmosphere of the Lunar New Year.



Namewee - “I Love You 兔”

The song's theme of love and affection aligns perfectly with the spirit of togetherness and family bonding that are central to the Lunar New Year festivities. Its catchy rhythm and lively tune create an atmosphere of joy and celebration, making it an ideal choice for setting a positive and festive mood during the New Year gatherings. While it is about the year of the rabbit, its vibrant and lively rhythm makes it a song fit for the festivities.



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