Playlist: Favorite Songs of 2023

Playlist: Favorite Songs of 2023

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Round out the year listening to our favorite songs of 2023 from Skrillex, Fred again.., Troye Sivan and more!


In 2023, we witnessed the release of some incredible songs that touched our souls, moved our bodies, and sparked important conversations. From Troye Sivan's "One Of Your Girls" to Gracie Abrams' "Where do we go now?", let's explore why these songs are some of the best of 2023!





Troye Sivan - "One Of Your Girls"

Troye Sivan's song "One Of Your Girls" received rave reviews for its captivating performance of femininity. The song balances upbeat melodies with subtly heartbreaking lyrics, creating a unique blend that keeps listeners engaged. Sivan's performance in the music video adds an extra layer of artistry, making this song a must-listen for pop music fans.



Fred again.. with Obongjayar - “adore u”

This track effortlessly combines warm and euphoric house music with Obongjayar's captivating vocals, creating a mesmerizing listening experience. With its emotive and uplifting nature, "adore u" stands out as a powerful anthem that resonates with listeners, securing its place among the top songs of the year.



Skrillex with Bobby Raps - “Leave Me Like This”

The track showcases Skrillex's masterful production skills, blending electrifying house elements with Bobby Raps' captivating vocals. With its infectious energy, pulsating bassline, and powerful hooks, 'Leave Me Like This' stands out as a high-energy anthem that leaves a lasting impact on listeners.



Daniel Caesar - “Unstoppable”

This song is a soulful and optimistic ballad that uplifts and motivates listeners. The lyrics, "We're unstoppable, don't be afraid to show your light / Ready, set, go and conquer, they can't break you down" inspire people to embrace their authentic selves and pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacles. The song reminds us of the importance of representation, self-love, and community support in creating positive change.



KAROL G and Shakira - “TQG”

With its catchy melody and irresistible rhythm, "TQG" has become an instant hit, breaking streaming records and captivating listeners worldwide. The song's success can be attributed to its seamless blend of reggaeton and pop elements, as well as the undeniable chemistry between the two Colombian singer-songwriters.



Kali Uchis - “Happy Now”

"Happy Now" is an infectiously optimistic song. The track explores the universal desire for happiness and the search for it amidst a failed relationship. Kali Uchis' ability to infuse her sweet and airy vocals with emotional depth showcases her artistry and highlights her talent for storytelling through music.



Olivia Rodrigo - “bad idea right?”

This is one of our top belt-out-loud songs this year. With its relatable lyrics and unique blend of pop and punk elements, it captures the heartbreak and self-reflection that many can relate to. Olivia Rodrigo's raw and emotive vocals add depth to the song, making it an addictive and memorable listening experience.



Jon Batiste ft. Jon Bellion and Fireboy DML - “Drink Water”

The track combines tribal percussion with catchy melodies, creating a unique and infectious sound. With lyrics that remind listeners to take a deep breath and stay grounded in overwhelming situations, "Drink Water" is one of our favorite inspirational songs that dropped this year. It also aligns with the growing trend of socially conscious music that raises awareness and funds for environmental and humanitarian causes.



Charli XCX - “Speed Drive”

The electro-pop anthem captures the exhilaration of cruising through the city in a flashy car with friends. Charli XCX's catchy chorus and vocal effects, combined with the song's hyperpop elements, make "Speed Drive" a standout track that showcases her unique style and musical artistry. The song appeals to listeners who seek escapism, empowerment, and authenticity.



Zach Bryan ft Kasey Musgraves - “I Remember Everything”

This song is a simple and heartfelt ballad that touches on the theme of memory and nostalgia. It also highlights the power of collaboration and cross-genre appeal, as Zach Bryan, a rising country artist, joins forces with Kasey Musgraves, a Grammy-winning pop and country star. The lyrics, "I remember everything, the words we spoke, the songs we sang / You're all that I regret, the one thing I will never forget" capture the poignancy and beauty of fleeting moments and relationships. The song resonates with listeners who cherish their memories and relationships, and who seek meaning and connection in life.



Gracie Abrams - “Where do we go now?”

This song explores the aftermath of a failed relationship and the uncertainty of what comes next, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences. With its honest and thought-provoking storytelling, "Where do we go now?" showcases Abrams' talent for creating intimate and impactful music.


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