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Playlist: Defy Boring

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Celebrate the new Logitech Pebble 2 Collection with the Ultimate Ears Defy Boring Playlist, featuring expressive songs to suit any vibe.


Whether your vibe is chill, stylish or high-energy, how you express yourself is up to you. We’re celebrating the new Logitech Pebble 2 Collection with an expressive playlist that defies boring and matches any vibe. 




Jordan Stephens - “Feel Joy”



We’re kicking this playlist off with a musical burst of sunshine, so hit play and soak up the good vibes. On his first solo album after Rizzle Kicks, Jordan Stephens delivers this feel-good melody that is all about expressing your emotions, embracing the good days and bringing joy to your space.

Dua Lipa - “Future Nostalgia”



Who better knows how to express herself than “female alpha” Dua Lipa? You can’t help but be care-free when listening to this electrifying song about standing out amongst the crowd. This title song off her deluxe “Future Nostalgia (The Moonlight Edition)” album is your invitation to grab the Pebble 2 Collection to match the aesthetic and high energy of this tune. 



Zara Larsson - “Lush Life”



Summer may be winding down, but this track is sure to make you feel those vacay vibes. This infectious song is all about bringing fun into your life – or even your desk space – so of course we had to include it on our “Defy Boring” playlist. 



Peach Tree Rascals - “Change My Mind”



Peach Tree Rascals is igniting the scene with their genre-blending sound, making them a band to watch as they rise to popularity. They fully embody the Gen Z spirit, both in their music and in their lives, by embracing being different and staying true to themselves no matter the circumstance. 

Kaz Moon - “Mantra”



Indie meets electronic in the musical project Kaz Moon, created by 22-year-old singer, songwriter, producer, photographer, and videographer Cody Yao. “Mantra” is a two-part song that leads with an optimistic dancing tune that transitions into a slow-tempo spoken word poem from Yao. This inspirational song is all about finding and believing in yourself.

Fred Again.. - “Marea (we’ve lost dancing)”



At a time when nightclubs around the world were closed, British DJ Fred Again.. gave people a sense of hope for its return. The embodiment of creative freedom, “Marea (we’ve lost dancing)” samples Fred’s conversation with his “rave shaman” The Blessed Madonna. This infectious song blends nostalgic beats with futuristic rhythms inviting you to express yourself on the dance floor.



FIFTY FIFTY - “Cupid - Twin Ver.”



TikTok plays a huge role in Gen Z’s life, and in defining the hottest tracks of the moment. One of the top TikTok trending tunes and songs of the summer was from K-Pop girl group FIFTY FIFTY. This charming track about hopelessly searching for love took the world by storm with its infectious melody and lyrics.

Love X Stereo - “Deeper Than The Dark”



An electro duo from Seoul, Korea, Love X Stereo is the definition of embracing being different. After years of creating punk rock music, they wanted to experiment and bring elements from different genres to create their new unique sound. Listen to their top hit “Deeper Than The Dark” to hear the blend of trip hop, electro and alternative rock. 



King Isis - “taste of u”



A musical shapeshifter and rising artist, King Isis defies boring with their genre-bending sound ranging from rock to R&B to jazz and beyond. King Isis’ journey to music began with learning the piano from their great-great-grandmother Omega King, one of the first Black opera singers in Chicago. This musical legacy, alongside many others, influenced their improvisation and experimentation with sound as heard in “taste of u”. 

Labrinth - “Express Yourself”



We’re ending this playlist on an inspirational note that embodies the new Pebble 2 Collection – a modern rendition of the classic song “Express Yourself”. This version comes from Labrinth, an established English musician with a well-known discography, but probably most relatable to Gen Z for the soundtrack to hit HBO show Euphoria.




Hear and feel the difference


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