Our Ultimate Commitment to Our Customers

Our Ultimate Commitment to Our Customers

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At Ultimate Ears, we believe our customers deserve the best. You probably know our IEMs, earphones and earbuds are best-in-class, but so is our customer support.

Our handcrafted in-ear monitors and earphones have been used on stages around the world and trusted by over 100,000 musicians and music lovers alike. With our white-glove service, it’s important to us that our customers feel cared for. That’s why we take as much pride in our unparalleled customer service as we do in our products.

What To Expect From Our Support

Our support begins before you even purchase your in-ears, earphones or earbuds. We’ll guide you through whatever questions you have to ensure that you order the best product for your needs. We’ll describe the different sound signatures, help you decide between product lines and more.

After you place your order, we’ll assist you if you have questions about visiting your audiologist or using your Fitkit. Once we start crafting your pair, we’ll keep you updated every step of the way.

After you receive your new IEMs, earphones or earbuds, we have a 30-day return window if you don’t absolutely love them. If you have questions about the fit or any issues, our team is here to help.

Warranty and Repair

At Ultimate Ears, we offer a one-year warranty for any defects on the manufacturing side. So, if something isn’t quite right for the first year you’re using your new IEMs, earphones, or earbuds, our team will happily take care of that for you. After our one-year warranty expires, we’re still happy to help you if you ever need service.

Many of our customers have been enjoying their UE products for years without needing an update, but if you have any issues, our repairs start at just $199. After your repair, your IEMs and earbuds will be as good as new!

Unfortunately, sometimes products are beyond repair, such as severely crushed or water damage, so please keep your products in their case when they’re not in use.

Ultimate Ears is committed to embracing new technology to improve our products. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck with an outdated product in a few years. We work hard to offer legacy upgrades for IEMs and earbuds when possible, including UE SWITCH and our IPX cable connection system. Click here to see which upgrades are available for legacy products.

Our Fit Guarantee

After exceptional audio quality, fit is the most important part of the Ultimate Ears experience. A perfect fit will deliver uncompromising comfort, security and passive noise isolation. That’s why we offer a perfect fit guarantee.

With our PRO and CSX products, the mold from your audiologist or your at-home Fitkit should result in a perfect fit. In rare cases, customers request some adjustments. We can make small modifications by sanding down parts of the IEMs and earphones, just like a tailor can hem a pair of pants.

UE FITS is a little different. Since all the customization is done at home, you don’t need to send your earbuds back to us for adjustments. Instead, if your fit isn’t perfect, we’ll send you new moldable earpieces. In some cases, customers may need smaller or larger earpieces, which we can accommodate.

In the end, our goal is to make our customers—and their ears—happy. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are here to help you every step of the way.

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