How UE DROPS Works

How UE DROPS Works

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UE DROPS are the first fully custom earbuds handcrafted to fit your individual ears. Learn more about the easy and unique process of making a pair of UE DROPS.



Our revolutionary UE DROPS custom earbuds are available now, but you might have some questions about how the process works.


UE DROPS are handcrafted specifically for you. Your vibe. Your music. Your expression. Your earprint.


You’re just different. While everybody else is shuffling back and forth in the same generic white earbuds, you’re dripped out in gorgeous colors like Sapphire, Rose Quartz and Onyx.


But UE DROPS offer more than sophisticated “red carpet” looks—the sound quality is second to none. Using the sound profile modeled after UE 5 professional IEM, UE DROPS provide a full, immersive sound that reveals the full depth of your music. Equipped with premium 9.2mm dynamic drivers, UE DROPS sound even better than they look—and they look amazing.


Keep reading to learn how to order your pair of bespoke UE DROPS, create impressions with our proprietary FitKit and get the most out of your custom earbuds.



How UE DROPS works



Place your order


Your UE DROPS journey begins on the Ultimate Ears site. First, choose one of our three jewel-inspired colors and place your order. Then we’ll mail you a FitKit so you can take accurate ear impressions at home. When your FitKit ships, you’ll get a confirmation email and tracking number.


Complete your FitKit



Complete & return your FitKit


Using a FitKit is similar to the instant fit process of UE FITS, but it creates an even more detailed impression of your ears for an enhanced fit. Our FitKit uses an app-guided process to produce an accurate scan of your ears in just 60 seconds—quicker than getting impressions from a professional audiologist.


Before you begin the molding process, download the companion app to learn how to use your FitKit. Don’t worry, this part is easy, and our app walks you through every step in the process, from choosing which earpieces to mold to taking photos of your ears.


After creating your own ear impressions at home, pack them back up and return your FitKit using the included prepaid return label.





We craft your UE DROPS


After receiving and 3D scanning your FitKit, we detail your impressions and create bespoke, jewel-like UE DROPS for your ears only.


UE DROPS feature comfortable acrylic tips that match your exact ear shape. But it’s not just about comfort. The form-fitting seal keeps ambient noise from interfering with the clarity of your music and prevents the bass frequencies from escaping your ears. Plus, the added surface area contact helps you really feel the music in a way you’ve never experienced with non-custom earbuds.


It’s a luxe experience with unmatched sound and comfort you’ll need to feel (and hear) to believe.




We ship your custom earbuds


We’ll ship your earbuds as soon as they’re ready and have passed our quality checks. Just like with your FitKit, you’ll receive an email confirmation and tracking number when your UE DROPS have shipped. If you’ve never used a bespoke audio product like our UE Customs before, UE DROPS will be an all-new experience, so get excited!


Switching from generic earbuds or over-the-ear headphones to UE DROPS can be a little overwhelming at first, but that’s okay—it can take a few minutes (or even hours) to adjust to the sensation of a bespoke, tailored fit gently hugging the curves of your ear.


If you notice any fit issues, our team of audio experts is here to help. Our 30-day Custom Fit Guarantee ensures an optimal fit, and we’ll make minor adjustments to your DROPS for free. Even the smallest adjustment to your earshells can make an amazing difference in sound quality and comfort.



UE DROPS custom earbuds



Get more out of your UE DROPS


Your UE DROPS offer so much more than luxurious looks with a custom fit and stunning audio quality. They’re also on the cutting edge of technology. With the dedicated UE DROPS app, you can customize your tap controls, select the sound signature that best compliments your taste in music, toggle Transparency Mode, wirelessly update firmware and more.


Touch controls let you interact with your UE DROPS in four unique ways, using intuitive gestures to play/pause, skip tracks, adjust the volume, answer calls or activate Transparency Mode.


Transparency Mode picks up ambient sound from your environment. That means whether you’re jogging on a busy street or listening to an announcement on an airplane, you can enjoy music and still remain aware of your surroundings.


Wireless OTA (over the air) firmware updates mean your UE DROPS will always be up to date with the latest features and performance improvements. And if a problem ever arises, you can use the app to browse FAQs, contact support and access other helpful information.





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