How to pick the best earbuds for your favorite genre

How to Pick the Best Earbuds for Your Favorite Genre

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Every model of earbuds has a unique sound, and some are better than others for certain genres. This article will help you choose the best earbuds for any music.

In today’s age of mass-produced earbuds, chances are high that you’ve owned more than one pair. And if you have, you know that not all earbuds are created equal and they all sound a little different. Some are heavy on the bass, some are exaggerated in the midrange and others have a more neutral sound.

So, how do you find a pair that will give you the best sound for your favorite music? To answer that question, we first need to talk about the sonic characteristics of various genres.

Rock and Pop

The sound of rock and pop music can vary a lot, but if one thing is consistent, it’s the importance of the midrange frequencies. Vocals, guitars, pianos and synthesizers—all of which are heavily featured in rock and pop—live in the midrange, where our hearing is most sensitive. And, since these genres are often mixed to be heard loud and clear through phone speakers and over store intercom systems, the most important sonic information is focused in the mids.

Does this mean you should look for earbuds with a huge mid boost? Not necessarily. That would probably sound a bit too aggressive, and it might even start to get fatiguing after a while. However, you should look for earbuds with a clear and detailed midrange that’s not “scooped out” to accentuate the bass and treble, like many common earbuds.

Hip-Hop, Metal and EDM

What do hip-hop, metal and electronic dance music (EDM) have in common? Not much, except that they all put extra emphasis on the bass. From booming hip-hop bass lines to walls of heavy-sounding metal guitars and the four-on-the-floor pulse of EDM, each of these genres require earbuds with a solid bass response for best results.

Lots of mass-market earbuds advertise their increased bass output, but they overlook one critical factor when it comes to getting good low-end sound: the fit. A tight seal around your ear will allow the maximum amount of bass energy to reach your eardrum, so stay away from hard plastic earbuds that leave gaps for that energy to escape.

Jazz and Classical

Unlike the genres above, jazz and classical music are so nuanced and dynamic that they don’t really need any help to sound good. In fact, the best earbuds for jazz and classical music should have a neutral, unbiased sound that isn’t exaggerated at any particular frequency. A nice, even frequency response will let you hear every instrument exactly as the player intended.

Another important aspect is isolation. Since jazz and classical music have so much more dynamic range than highly compressed pop, the quiet parts get much quieter, and you won’t be able to hear them in noisy environments. But, when you use earbuds with good isolation, you’ll be able to hear every nuance without having to turn your volume up to dangerous levels.

The Best Earbuds for Every Genre

Since most people listen to a variety of genres, earbuds with a very specific sound aren’t a great choice. For example, a pair of bass-heavy earbuds will definitely amp up your EDM workout playlist, but the extra low-end might overwhelm a classic rock track. The best earbuds, then, are ones that can sound great for any genre.

Thanks to their neutral base sound, tonal flexibility and custom fit with excellent isolation, UE FITS can bring out the best sound for all types of music. For starters, the 10mm dynamic drivers are larger than those found in many earbuds. And because they’re custom-tuned for a nice, even frequency response across the entire range of human hearing, they deliver smooth sound that’s not overly “hyped.”

But the best part is, you can easily customize the sound via Bluetooth with the UE FITS app. Using a handy graphic equalizer, you can sculpt the sound to your liking, crafting unique Tone Profiles for any genre you want. Need more bass to make your death metal playlist sound extra punishing? Looking for a bit more detail in the upper mids to bring out the best in your favorite folk music? Want to hear every word of your podcasts ultra clearly? You can save a custom Tone Profile for each of these and switch between them whenever you want.

And, because UE FITS are custom-molded to the exact shape of your ears, they form a perfect seal that provides superior comfort and excellent isolation. This not only makes UE FITS comfortable for all-day listening, it blocks out noise so you can listen in peace. To learn more about the incredible sound quality of UE FITS, check out our blog.

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