How to Get a Custom FIT

How to Get a Custom FIT

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With UE FITS, you can get custom-fitting true wireless earbuds from the comfort of your home in just 60 seconds. Here are some tips on getting the right fit.

With UE FITS, we’ve harnessed the power of Lightform technology to give music lovers custom-fitting earbuds in less than 60 seconds. And, with a name like FITS, the fit better be just right.

In fact, we guarantee that your FITS will have an excellent fit. That means we’ll work with you to ensure that your earbuds are correctly molded to your ears for an optimal fit and seal.

Getting the right fit is easy as one, two, three. Our app does a great job of walking you through the molding process, but we wanted to give you a few tips to get a great fit out of the box.


Step 1: Make Sure Your Earbuds are In the Correct Ear

With some earbuds on the market, it doesn’t really matter if you mix up your left and right earpiece. With FITS, it does. That’s because your ears aren’t interchangeable—each one is unique. Separate left and right earbuds are necessary to give you the best possible fit.

Thankfully, it’s easy to tell which is which. The “UE” logo should always be right-side up so someone next to you can read it. Each earbud will either say L or R for left and right under the three pins on the body of the bud. Plus, FITS rest in their charging case so that your left earbud is on the left side, and your right earbud is on the right side. Easy!

So, when you start the molding process with the UE FITS app, the first thing you need to do is double check that you have the correct earbud in each ear.

Apply gentle pressure when molding UE FITS

Step 2: Gently Press Your FITS Into Your Ear and Adjust

We know, we know, you got custom earbuds because you’re tired of having to press them into your ears to get a better seal. With UE FITS, this extra effort is a one-time thing, we promise.

To get a good impression and properly mold to your ears in a way that “locks in,” you need to apply light pressure while you position your earbuds and wait for the Lightform molding process to complete.

While you apply that pressure, a sample music track will play. Adjust the earbuds so that you feel like you’re getting a good seal—namely that the bass isn’t escaping. If you feel like the bass is weak or not as present as it could be, keep adjusting. You should really be able to “feel” the bass with FITS.

Step 3: Hold Steady

After you get a good seal with your FITS, the app will launch straight into the molding process.

Since we don’t want you to have to release that gentle pressure that’s essential for the molding process (you need to maintain consistent pressure over the entire 60 seconds it takes to mold FITS to your ears) there isn’t a prompt between the sample music track and the Lightform molding. In other words, UE FITS will go straight into the molding process without you having to touch anything.

The molding process itself doesn’t take long; you’ll have your custom fit in just 60 seconds after the process starts!


Checking Your Fit

After the Lightform molding process works its magic, most users are good to go! If something doesn’t seem quite right after you’ve spent some time listening to music on your FITS, you can check your fit with the UE FITS app on your smartphone.

To check your fit, click on the menu icon (the three horizontal bars) in the upper left corner. Select “Check Your Fit.” First, you’ll be asked to rate your overall fit for each earbud. Then, you’ll be asked to rate your sound quality. If you rank the fit or sound as anything less than OK, the app will ask you some follow up questions, including asking you to describe your fit or sound issue.

For fit issues, we’ll want to know what exactly feels wrong about your fit. Are your earbuds loose, falling out, uncomfortable, do they not isolate well or is there something else? For some issues, we might ask you to send a selfie showing your FITS in your ears. For other issues, we may first recommend adjusting your EQ setting. Each person is different, but we’ll walk you through different fixes step-by-step.

The Custom Fit Guarantee

While the bulk of FITS users get their fit right the first time around, some folks need a little extra help. That’s where our Custom Fit Guarantee comes into play—we’ll work with you until you’re completely happy with the way your FITS, well, fit.

For example, we ship UE FITS with one size of earpieces. That one size should fit most ears, but if your ears are a little smaller or larger, we’ll ship you an extra set of smaller or bigger earpieces to try at no cost to you. Our customer support team is here to help via email, live chat and phone. Learn more about our Custom Fit Guarantee here.

Ready to experience earbuds that truly fit? Try UE FITS today!

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