How to Get the Most Out of UE DROPS

How to Get the Most Out of UE DROPS

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UE DROPS are the world’s first handcrafted custom true wireless earbuds. But they offer more than a custom fit. Learn how to get the most out of your DROPS.

At Ultimate Ears, we’ve been creating high-end bespoke audio solutions for musicians and music lovers alike for over 25 years. Not content to rest on our laurels, we’ve decided to bridge the gap between professional in-ear monitors and earbuds with UE DROPS, the world’s first handcrafted custom-fitting true wireless earbuds.

But there’s more to UE DROPS than their unbeatable fit. Keep reading to check out a few of our favorite features of DROPS so you can get the most out of your new earbuds.


Download the UE DROPS App

While you don’t need to download the UE DROPS app to use your new earbuds, the app unlocks a few premium features that you don’t want to miss. Here are just a few of the things you can do within the app.

Update your firmware

To guarantee you’re getting the most up-to-date features and benefits of your UE DROPS, the first thing you should do is check for firmware updates. Once you open the app and pair your DROPS, swipe up to view the full app menu.

After swiping, see if there’s a red dot next to the “Device” menu. That means there’s an update available. Click “Device” and then “Update Available” on the next screen. You can then see what’s available in the new firmware, read instructions and confirm that you’re ready to update your DROPS.

Customize button controls

Now that you’ve updated your firmware, you’re ready to experience the new customizable button controls of UE DROPS. Instead of relying solely on single- and double-tap controls, we’ve implemented a tactile button that you can feel when you gently press down on DROPS’ faceplates.

You can set up UE DROPS commands for a single short press, a double short press, a long press and a double-tap (where you don’t engage the button) for each earbud. In case you lost count, that’s eight total commands.

Here’s a list of the commands we’ve set up for UE DROPS out of the box:

    • Left single-press: Play/Pause and Accept/Hang Up Call
    • Left double-press: Previous Track and Reject Call
    • Left long press: Volume Down
    • Left double-tap: Transparency Mode
    • Right single-press: Play/Pause and Accept/Hang Up Call
    • Right double-press: Skip Track and Reject Call
    • Right long press: Volume Up
    • Right double-tap: Transparency Mode

In the app, you can rearrange the controls however you like. They’re your earbuds—the button and tap controls should work for you! There are other controls you can add into your rotation, including a “Power Off” command if you need to turn off your DROPS when you’re away from your charging case.

Try out transparency mode

Thanks to their completely custom fit, UE DROPS offer a whopping 26dB of passive noise cancellation. This is perfect for when you want to completely immerse yourself in your music and podcasts without the outside world getting in the way.

The thing is, sometimes you need to hear your surroundings. When you’re out for a run, it’s important to be able to listen for traffic while approaching intersections. If you’re working from home and expecting a delivery, you probably want to hear the doorbell. On those long-haul flights, it’s great to be able to hear announcements.

You can let in some of the outside world with two quick taps to your UE DROPS. This activates our transparency mode, which lets in some sound around you via a small external microphone. You won’t notice any change to the music itself, but you’ll be able to hear your environment. Try toggling transparency mode on and off while speaking to hear the difference between full passive noise cancellation and a little ambient noise.

Choose your sound profile

UE DROPS don’t just offer a custom fit, they also offer custom sound profiles (aka EQ settings) that you can switch between. After all, you might not want the same EQ setting for your podcasts that you use when you’re listening to Lil Nas X. Here’s a quick run-down of a few of our sound profiles.


We modeled the sound of UE DROPS after our famously-balanced UE 5 sound signature. This sound profile faithfully reproduces your favorite songs without embellishing the bass, mids or treble. When you want to hear your favorite songs the way they sounded in the studio, this is the sound profile for you.

Recommended For: Jazz, Soul, Classical, Country, Folk, Remastered Recordings

Bass Boost

Sometimes you just need to get low! Our Bass Boost sound profile gives you a little extra detail in the low-end range between 20-110Hz, making it perfect for hip-hop, EDM and any genre that you really want to feel.

Recommended For: Hip-Hop, EDM, Funk


Audio engineers know that you don’t EQ spoken words the same way you do instruments, which is why we made our Podcast sound profile. This profile brings warmth to podcasts and audiobooks while filtering out the range that creates sibilance (a hissing “s” sound).

Recommended For: Podcasts, Audio Books, Talk Radio


With the passive noise cancellation of UE DROPS, you probably won’t find yourself needing to crank the volume. But when you do, this sound profile will boost every frequency range equally, giving you a louder, more hyped-up sound.

Recommended For: Hard Rock, Metal, EDM, Trance

Rename your DROPS

Once you get your UE DROPS, everyone around you is absolutely going to want their own pair. Hey, that’s the life of a trendsetter. All of these DROPS floating around can get confusing when you’re trying to connect to yours. Identify your earbuds by renaming your DROPS in the official app. Feel free to get creative—just remember what you named them!


Break-in your UE DROPS

You’re probably used to breaking in shoes and jeans, but what about your earbuds? While most people will find UE DROPS to be immediately comfortable—a bespoke, custom fit—some ears might need a bit of a break-in period.

Simply put, UE DROPS are a new experience for your ears. Unless you’ve had a set of UE Professional custom earphones, you’re probably used to soft rubber or unfitted hard plastic earbuds. DROPS are handcrafted for your ears only from plastic, leaving you with all-day comfort.

In the rare case your DROPS aren’t instantly comfortable, they just need to be worn for a while so your ears can get used to the new sensation. If they still aren’t completely comfortable after a break-in period, your DROPS may need some slight adjustments. We’re happy to make those adjustments courtesy of our 30-day Custom Fit Guarantee!

UE DROPS style

Style them

We believe your earbuds should add to your overall ‘fit, not detract from it. While designing UE DROPS, we took inspiration from haute couture jewelry and fashion. The end result is earbuds that look more like high-end earrings than early-adopter tech.

So don’t hide your DROPS—show them off instead! Match them with your shoes, accessories and other earrings. In fact, DROPS work with the most popular piercings, including industrial, flat, helix and forward helix and lobe piercings.

Wear them everywhere

Now that you have UE DROPS, you’ll probably want to wear them all day, every day. And that’s exactly what you should do. The single best way to get the most out of your DROPS is by wearing them whenever and wherever you want.

Thanks to their handcrafted for-your-ears-only fit, UE DROPS are comfortable to wear all day long. And since they offer outstanding passive noise cancellation, you don’t need to crank the volume, meaning you can listen for longer periods of time without fatigue.

The custom fit of UE DROPS also means you don’t have to worry about them falling out, even during intense exercise sessions. From boxing classes to early morning beach runs, your DROPS will stay put. And don’t worry about sweating up a storm—or getting caught in one. DROPS are sweat- and water-proof.

Ready to hear and feel the difference a custom fit makes? UE DROPS handcrafted custom true wireless earbuds are on sale and shipping now!

Stylish earbuds, hand-shaped to your unique earprint.

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