Focus, Relax, and Sleep With Endel

Focus, Relax, and Sleep With Endel

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UE is teaming up with Endel, a neuroscience-backed audio wellness app. Learn about our partnership.

We think everyone could all use a little more chill time. And so do the folks at Endel. That’s why they use neuroscience-backed, AI-powered tech to build personalized soundscapes to help you focus, relax and sleep, together with visionary artists like Grimes and Plastikman. We’re not kidding about their soundscapes being confirmed by science, either—it’s all validated by brainwave measurement studies*.

Endel soundscapes are completely aligned with your circadian rhythm, which means they adapt and follow you throughout the day, enhancing all your daily activities. And, since one subscription works across all your devices, including mobile, desktop, wearables, and voice assistants, you can literally take it anywhere you go.

Focus, Relax, and Sleep with a free Endel trial: UE CSX, PRO, FITS and EndelBut what good is an all-day experience if you don’t have a comfortable way to enjoy Endel all day long?

That’s why Endel is a perfect match for UE products like FITS true-wireless earbuds and CSX custom earphones. We provide stellar audio quality, all-day comfort and passive noise isolation, and Endel provides the immersive sound experience that elevates every facet of your day, giving you the most advanced custom audio wellness experience available.

You already know that UE is the industry leader in custom earbuds, earphones and in-ear monitors. Endel is an industry leader in their own right. Their soundscapes adapt in real time to your immediate physical and emotional state as well as external conditions like location, time, weather, heart rate and motion to support your wellness and productivity through the power of sound.

*Endel was created in collaboration with SleepScore Labs; proved by The Experience Sampling Method by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi; proved by the brainwave measurement study by Arctop (+ white paper link).

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