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How to Use the UE FitKit

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Learn how to use the UE FitKit to create custom impressions of your ears for a perfect fit with your custom earphones.

Ultimate Ears headphones are your ticket to a rich and varied world of sound and getting them is easily done through a few exciting and simple steps. In this blog, you'll learn how to use the UE Fitkit to create custom impressions of your ears for a perfect fit with any UE earphones.

The Impression Making Process

Taking the customization further, your earphones are modeled after your one-of-a-kind earprint which is captured in a specialized ear impression. Impressions are created using the patented Fitkit developed by Ultimate Ears to increase accessibility to the amazing sound revered by music professionals and music lovers alike.

A process that was once limited to the office of an audiologist, the Fitkit uses unique technology to make an impression in minutes and from the comfort of home. After placing your order, a Fitkit is shipped with each piece of equipment conveniently packed in a small box.

Ultimate Ears Fitkit

Set Up Your Fitkit

When you open your Fitkit, you’ll be prompted to download the companion app which will guide you step-by-step through the entire process. The app includes easy to follow instructions and uses the incredible Fitkit technology to trigger the impression process. It’s helpful and fun to find a friend or family member to engage in the process as you’ll need someone to take pictures of your ears with the impressions in place.

Create Custom Impressions

Inside the box are molding tips that will fit the majority of ear sizes. Use the included tips to create impressions of your ears. The app will instruct you to try on the ear molds and direct you to your ideal fit. Every person’s ears are completely unique to them and even differ from left to right.

In some cases, you may require a large molding tip on one side and a small on the other. Should you be concerned that you’ll need an even smaller size, Ultimate Ears can provide an additional molding tip to accommodate even the smallest of ears.

Easy App Guided Process

When you determine the right size tips, you’ll attach them to the fitting device which wirelessly connects to the app. You’ll be instructed to carefully reinsert the molds which go in easily. Before the impressions are made the app will prompt you to check that everything is in place prior to hitting the “start” button.

Now your impressions are underway and a timer appears to count down the 60 seconds to completion. In exactly one minute, the molding tips heat up creating a warm sensation as they conform to the shape of your inner ear. As they comfortably harden into place, your ear print is locked in. The fitting device communicates with the app throughout the entire process ensuring accuracy at every stage.

When you take out the molds, you’ll hear and see the difference. As the molds adjust during the impression process, ambient sounds are reduced confirming that the process has created an accurate fit. Before taking them out, have your friend or family member take pictures that will be used by Ultimate Ears technicians to enhance quality and fit. Once removed, you may notice ridges or grooves have formed reflecting your inner ear shape.

Send Your Molds Back To Us

With the process completed, you’re ready to return your impressions and the Fitkit with the return shipping label provided. When they arrive at the facility, they’re 3D scanned to create a precision shell and an unparalleled custom fit.

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