Custom-Fitted Earbuds in 60 Seconds? Yes, Really.

Custom-Fitted Earbuds in 60 Seconds? Yes, Really.

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Discover why UE FITS are the most comfortable earbuds on the market.

Headphones were invented over 100 years ago, and although their sound quality has improved, they haven’t exactly gotten more comfortable. Especially earbuds.

If you’re like a lot of folks, you’re probably used to hard plastic earbuds like the ones Apple used to include with their iPhones. Or maybe you’ve splurged on earbuds with different sizes of soft rubber tips that are popular with runners and athletes. You may even think those rubber earbuds are perfectly comfortable.

But the truth is, unless you’re a musician or audiophile with custom-molded IEMs (in-ear monitors), your earbuds aren’t designed for your ears—which happen to be as unique as your fingerprints. Instead, they’re designed as a one-size-fits-all approximation of what an average ear looks like.

Getting custom earbuds used to require visiting an audiologist, getting a mold taken, then sending that mold to a headphone company. Not anymore. UE FITS earbuds use patented Lightform technology to conform to your ears in less than 60 seconds. The result? The most comfortable, secure earbuds on the market.

UE FITS Molding Process

The Patented Power of Light

FITS works via a patented process that uses lightform technology with a light-hardening photopolymer. Essentially, it’s a rubberized plastic that shrinks and hardens when hit with the LEDs in the earpiece. When you securely place your FITS in your ears and start the process on the app, it automatically molds to fit your ears.

You’ve probably seen or experienced photopolymers before—they’re used in dentistry, repairing leaks, 3D printing and more. The first photopolymer was part of a letterpress plate and was first used in 1957. The exact technology has changed, but the basics remain the same: When exposed to UV light, photopolymers cure (harden) to whatever shape they’re exposed to. We’ve taken this technology and optimized it to create our one of a kind earbuds. To most, the experience feels like magic, but now you know how it’s really done.

Enhanced Passive Noise Isolation

FITS isn’t noise-cancelling in the traditional sense — and that’s a good thing.

Normal noise cancelling headphones are typically called “active noise cancelling” or ANC headphones. They require additional power and cancel noise by monitoring your outside environment and creating an equal and opposite noise in your ears.

The result definitely cancels outside noise, but even the most high-tech ANC headphones have some level of distortion and unnatural noise. What’s even worse is that they effectively create more noise, which means you’re listening to music at a louder volume.

Since FITS creates an almost perfect seal within your outer ear, they don’t need active noise cancelling, because outside noise simply doesn’t enter your ear. We call it an enhanced passive noise isolation environment. This means you can clearly hear every note of even the gentlest songs without cranking the volume. Your audiologist will thank you.

Not Your Standard Ear Mold

Typically, when you want custom-fit earbuds, you have to go to an audiologist. That means booking a doctor’s appointment, getting to their office, having the mold taken, and then shipping the mold to Ultimate Ears. The good news for folks who went this route is that we happily covered the cost of the mold and made them a product that was a perfect fit for their ears.

With our CSX series, we took the doctor out of the equation and had you take a mold at home. It’s still faster and easier than with our traditional Pro series, but there’s a time gap between taking the mold and getting your earbuds.

The UE CSX series is an excellent choice for musicians and audiophiles. That line starts at $499 and works best for those who are happy to wait a little longer for their earbuds.

FITS is different. Instead of custom-building each earbud, we’ve developed the first mass-manufactured truly customizable earphones on the market. They don’t go as deep in the ear canal as something you’d get from an audiologist, but it’s a stellar and affordable choice for music fans who want to be able to listen to music all day in noisy environments with complete comfort.

Getting Your Fit

With UE FITS, it only takes 60 seconds to get your customized fit. All you need is a smartphone (Apple or Android) and your UE FITS. Here’s a quick rundown of the steps.

1. Download and open the UE FITS app

Open the UE FITS app and follow the simple prompt commands. The purpose of our app is to seamlessly guide you through the entire customization process.

2. Pair your UE FITS

UE FITS are Bluetooth earbuds, which means you’ll need to pair them to your phone.

3. Remove UE FITS from the case and put them in your ears

After you’ve paired UE FITS with your phone, remove them from the case and place them in your ears. The UE logo should be pointing out, and the sound hole should be pointing forward. The “L” and “R” along with three dots should be pointing up and back.

4. Gently hold UE FITS in place

Apply a soft pressure to the outside of your UE FITS while our Lightform technology gently molds your earbuds to conform to the natural shape of your ears. Essentially, the purple glow of those LEDs hardens the gel-filled tips, creating a perfect seal.

This seal isolates outside noise so that you can hear your music at a safe volume whether you’re working at home or on a busy subway train. Plus, UE FITS are secure enough to withstand your most intense workout sessions, and comfortable enough to wear all day. But, buyer beware—UE FITS might ruin all other earbuds for you.

Try it For Yourself

Each pair of UE FITS is backed by our “Perfect Fit Guarantee”, so if you don’t love the way your first pair fits, we’ll send you some new tips so you can try it again. We’ll work with you until we get it right. Order yours today!

Guaranteed to fit your unique ears, no matter their size, or your money back.

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