Can I Wear UE FITS with Piercings?

Can I Wear UE FITS with Piercings?

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You can wear piercings with UE FITS, but some styles might interfere with your earbuds. Learn which piercings are comfortable to wear with UE FITS.

We know how it is—you don’t want anything to stand between you and your music. UE FITS true wireless earbuds offer a perfect fit for any unique ear shape, but what about pierced ears? In this article, we explore the popular piercing styles and discuss whether or not UE FITS are comfortable to wear with your particular piercings.

Before we get started, be aware that UE FITS should only be worn with fully healed piercings. If the piercing is still healing, wearing earbuds may hurt or could potentially prolong the healing process.


Daith Piercings and Earbuds

Daith piercings are located at the centermost cartridge fold above the ear canal. Because of their central location, they prevent earbuds from having a secure, comfortable fit in the ear. A small hoop will work with UE FITS, but anything bigger might not. When in doubt, check the size of your daith piercing, and substitute a smaller piece of jewelry if possible.

Conch Piercings and Earbuds

A conch piercing runs through the middle section of ear cartilage. UE FITS take up the entire surface of the middle ear, completely covering the ear canal. Conch piercings are typically a big obstacle for most earbuds, but they can work with UE FITS if you are wearing a stud that lays flat against your ear.

Tragus Piercings and Earbuds

The tragus is the small flap of cartilage that partially covers your ear canal. There are two tragus styles—standard piercings and surface piercings. The standard style runs through the tragus completely. Surface piercings are positioned on the flat area of skin next to the tragus. UE FITS work with a small hoop or short stud/bar, but nothing oversized. If you have a tragus piercing, like our friend Willow Smith, you can still mold UE FITS by gently pushing it out of the way.

Rook Piercings and Earbuds

Rook piercings are located on the small ridge of cartilage between the ear’s inner and outer sections. Although Rook piercings are a fair distance from the ear canal, the jewelry posts might be close enough to prevent the earbud from fitting comfortably. Molding UE FITS while wearing a rook piercing requires you to move it out of the way first.

Anti-Helix/Snug Piercings and Earbuds

The anti-helix, also known as a snug, sits along the vertical rim of cartilage on the edge of the ear, right across from the tragus. Because of its location, some earbuds might exert pressure on the anti-helix piercing and cause discomfort. Earbuds that make contact with the vertical rim might not fit well, but it depends on the jewelry’s shape and size. A small hoop could work with UE FITS but not a barbell.

Piercings That Will Never Interfere With UE FITS

There are many piercings that won’t interfere with your UE FITS earbuds at all. Here’s a list of piercing styles that are always comfortable to wear with FITS.

Industrial Piercings

An industrial piercing won’t come anywhere near your UE FITS, even if the jewelry is larger than normal. The barbell runs across the rims of the upper ear, allowing plenty of room for UE FITS to sit flush against the middle of the ear.

Flat Piercings

Like the industrial piercing, a flat piercing won’t stop your earbuds from resting comfortably in your ears. The flat is the wide surface of cartilage on the upper ear, far above the ear canal. Because of the spacing, UE FITS will fit just fine.

Helix and Forward Helix Piercings

Helix piercings are located on the outermost edge of the upper ear, far from making any contact with your earbuds. UE FITS only occupy the ear canal and middle segment of the ear, so you can wear any style of jewelry without it getting in the way.

The forward helix piercing is similar to the tragus piercing, but it’s located higher above the ear canal on the rim of forward-facing cartilage. This type of piercing won’t pose any issues when you wear UE FITS.

Lobe Piercings

In general, upper and lower lobe piercings are fine to wear with UE FITS because they’re positioned below the ear canal. Most earbuds only take up space in the middle section of the ear. Before you wear UE FITS, make sure the size of the jewelry won’t interfere. Extremely large hoops might get in the way, but the lobe’s position makes it easy to wear just about anything.

Try UE FITS Today

The bottom line? Unless you wear large earrings or have a piercing style that might prevent a secure fit, you shouldn’t have any issues wearing UE FITS. UE FITS deliver superior sound quality and unrivaled comfort for your ears only. Thanks to sophisticated Lightform Technology, you can have custom-fit true wireless earbuds in under 60 seconds. Shop UE FITS to get started!

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