Are UE FITS The Best Earbuds for Small Ears?

Are UE FITS The Best Earbuds for Small Ears?

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The days of struggling to find earbuds for small ears are over. The reviews are in and customers have confirmed: UE FITS are the best earbuds for small ears.

Those of us with small ears know that finding earbuds designed for petite ears has traditionally been a challenge. Most earbuds use hard plastic one-size-fits-all earpieces or come with three rubber ear tips in different sizes that don’t stay in or hit your pressure points, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

That’s where UE FITS is different. UE FITS instantly shape to your unique earprint—no matter the size of your ears—for a custom fit that provides all-day comfort and a secure fit that never falls out. According to real users, that makes them the best earbuds for small ears.

Here are some reviews from customers with smaller ears who fell in love with UE FITS.

UE FITS and Small Ears

This review goes out to everyone whose ears are too small for most earbuds! After the molding, these buds fit perfectly, are super comfortable, and don't fall out—even during a workout.” - Sarah B.

“I have never liked headphones, but these are the unicorn of wireless listening. They feel natural in your ear, I could wear them for days. They do not fall out, the sound quality is amazing and you can edit their equalizer! Wow I never want anything but UE FITS!” - Mc. H.

“These are the best earbuds I have ever owned. My ears are very small and it's always hard to find earbuds that fit and that don't hurt my ears, but these are a perfect fit and I can wear them all day with no problems. And the sound quality is amazing. These are the solution for small ears. 100% recommend!” - Quianna S.

“Perfect—these are the first earphones to stay in my ears. I have small ears so everything else falls out. The sound is amazing and really makes you feel like you're in the music video.” - Talia H.

“I was actually a bit skeptical when I first saw the ads for these earbuds on my Facebook feed. I had just purchased [a different brand of earbuds] and wasn’t about to spend any more money on a frivolous purchase. After a day gardening in the yard where my earbuds kept falling out I was over it and decided to give these a try. When I got them I installed the app, put them in and followed the easy prompts to get a truly extraordinary custom fit. These things will NOT fall out of your ears! I work out with them and garden with them on hot sweaty days and they stay put! Not only that but the sound quality is really better than the other more expensive ones I have! This has certainly been a solution to a problem I’ve had all my life. Earbuds just don’t stay in my ears. The lows, mids and highs are excellent and can be customized through the app.” - Jamie A.

“I am so happy to have found these earbuds! I could never find anything that fit my ridiculously small ears until UE FITS came along. They were so easy to mold into my specific ears with the special fit technology, and the sound quality is fantastic! I highly recommend them to everyone who asks. Thanks for giving me the gift of comfort and sound!” - Amy W.

“I have small ears and have the hardest time finding headphones that won’t hurt my ears or fall out (especially when running). Tried these and they are great! The regular ear buds were too large, but they sent me smaller earbuds for free and those worked. I can run on the treadmill and they stay completely in place!” - Amber S.

“Initially, the ear buds were too big. Customer service shipped the smaller size at no cost and they fit perfectly. I looooove to use them for meditation. I’m really happy.” - Deborah C.

“I have pretty small ears and have had issues with wireless headphones before, but these work great even when running or jumping.” - Thomas M.

“I have small ears and have had trouble finding earbuds that fit properly. [UE FITS] fit snugly and I don't feel like they are going to fall out all the time!” - Anita A.

I have super small ears and have never found a pair of earbuds that stayed in my ears. I didn't have a lot of hope with these but thought with a 30 day $$ back guarantee, i'll take the risk! OMG!!! I just did the ultimate test of traveling with them and not once did they slip out or hurt. They are amazing!” - Diana C.

“I have very small ears and always run into the problem of headphones falling out when I run, talk, eat, or just move my mouth/jaw in any way. I have done all of the above with these and they haven't moved at all! They stay put and sound great while doing it.” - Alexandra D.

“I have small ears so finding earbuds that are comfortable has been a challenge. I tried the UE FITS after seeing an ad on Facebook and I'm blown away by how comfortable they are. Sometimes I even forget I have them in.” - Tara B.

“These are amazing! I have very small ears and have bought SO MANY expensive sets of earbuds just to turn around and return or sell them because they literally hurt my ears while wearing them. These DO NOT!!! They fit exactly as they should since they molded (the setup was fast and easy)!” - Kristen. W.

“I have small ears and have the hardest time with ear buds…they NEVER fit. With the custom fit feature I have finally found something that works. They fit perfectly and I can wear them for hours with no pain! My ears are so happy!” - Tammy F.

The customized fit is unlike any other devices. I have very small ears so the fact I can wear them without worrying about them falling out has me ready to purchase another pair.” - Richard T.

“These are sooooo comfortable…. I have a really weird shaped ear canal so I despise every earbud around. Buuuuuut these right here are the best ever—they shape to your ear canals. Best purchase I have made this year!!!!” - Shalesh K.

“UE reached out to me asking if my tips were comfortable. Outstanding I think. I asked to try the small tip size. They sent me the extra tips for free. The small tips fit very well and made a good product better. Thank you!” - Bob M.

“I like the way they mold to the ear canal and stay in ear even when sweating. Excellent sound quality with nice bass. Custom sound adjustments are outstanding. Fits like a glove. Have recommended to fellow workers for sound quality and fit.” - David F.

I was hesitant to purchase these earbuds, since I have small ears. I have normally found that earbuds are uncomfortable and fall out easily. Luckily, with the custom fit of the UE FITS, they fit perfectly, are comfortable and stay in place while exercising or moving around.” - Diana B.

Full-featured True Wireless Earbuds

According to those with smaller ears, UE FITS are the best earbuds for small ears. And that’s not just because they mold to fit your unique earprint. FITS are packed with the features you want most in earbuds.

  • Passive noise cancellation: In addition to giving you a comfortable fit, the good seal of the custom fit blocks background noise via passive noise cancellation (aka passive noise isolation), an alternative for active noise cancellation (ANC) that’s popular among audiophiles.
  • Long battery life: Get up to eight hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 20 hours with the charging case.
  • Crystal clear phone calls: Our dual microphones are strategically positioned to reduce wind noise and ensure call clarity.
  • Custom controls: While some earbuds just offer call and volume controls, UE FITS allows you to customize your single- and double-tap controls on each earbud.

Custom Fit Guarantee

If you’re ready to try a new type of true wireless earbuds for small ears, check out UE FITS, which instantly customize to your unique earprint to give you a better fit than you've ever experienced before. Try UE FITS for 30 days risk-free with our Custom Fit Guarantee and experience the all-day comfort and never-fall-out-fit you and your smaller ears deserve.

Guaranteed to fit your unique ears, no matter their size, or your money back.

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